VIDEO: Who’s the 2014 French Open favorite: Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic?

Eight-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal won his opening match at Roland Garros and was soon asked if he or Novak Djokovic was the man to beat in Paris this year.

“You care; I don’t care,” said Rafa, who is trying to become the first man to win five straight French Open titles. “I don’t have to write. … So write whatever you want, whatever you feel. Because for me, the only thing that matters to me is I won today.”

ALWAYS with Rafa!

Video: Roland Garros


  1. i too fell to play. Is his normal and leave the rest. Let God be by ur side for the rest of rounds in French open Good wishes Rafa.

  2. To be honest the question was rude…..I am ruling for Rafa myself….because I am Rafa’s fun…but it doesn’t happen….that is ok….there is always a “next time”… He already made history and that is all matters…..Vamos Rafa….

  3. There are two dangerous young guns in this year’s FO: Martin Klizan and Dominic Thiem. Dominic Thiem, Nadal’s next opponent, says he has mastered the Novak Djokovic template which he wants to execute tomorrow to defeat Nadal. WE ALL NEED TO PRAY HARD FOR NADAL TO SURVIVE THIS GUY AS IT CERTAINLY WON’T BE EASY AT ALL!

    Then we should also pray that Nadal never gets to meet the also left-handed Martin Klizan. He is as deadly as a cobra and he’s not afraid of anybody.

    Let all Nadal fans out there observe a 24-hour fasting for Nadal……I see danger ahead.

    • My gosh Taiwo you have hit the nail on the head… are so right about Martin Klizan I have been pouring over the schedule to see who’s quarter he is in hoping its not RAFA’S ….AND ALSO WORRIED ABOUT DOMINIC THIEM, and trying to brace myself for the ‘unthinkable’ should it happen…..but you know I have seen NADAL get blown off the court by GULBIS think it was MADRID a year or two ago, and one would have thought he could not possibly come back from that SLAUGHTER it was 6/1 in the first set to GULBIS but somehow RAFA slowed the game down, as GULBIS was firing bullets and playing like a demon possessed, and pretty soon RAFA came back to win the game in the second and third sets…truly unbelievable, but then RAFA was playing at his ‘SCINTILLATING’ BEST THEN, LATELY HE HAS HAD SOME MENTAL PROBLEMS LIKE LOSING CONFIDENCE AND DOUBTING HIMSELF, but against ANDY MURRAY he showed his class and style again to win, lets hope THAT IS THE RAFA WE WILL SEE AGAINST DOMINIC THIEM…..WOULD LOVE TO SEE KLIZAN PLAY DJOKOVIC…….but meantime GOOD LUCK RAFA AND KIA KAHA BE STRONG

  4. Who will win?! What a silly question: RAFA, RAFA, RAFA….!!!!!! VAAAMOOO999 CAMPEOOONNN…!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you tell them Rafa we dont care about no 2 you do your own thing and as you said on match at a time Vamos

  6. Rafa has the right attitude. His mind-set is in the right place. So happy he won his first
    round match. Look forward to his second round match. One match at a time.

    Just continue to bring your A-Game and positive thoughts to the court no matter what court!
    Rafa is too grounded to fall for all the hype. Always admired how he stays in the moment!
    No matter who the opponent, whether lower-ranked or higher-ranked Rafa knows to
    bring the same heat, intensity and problem-solving abilities to all his matches. Look what happened to Stan and Li Na. Always be prepared. You never know what lurks across
    the net! I remember when Peyton Manning, Broncos Quarterback received so much hype the week before the Superbowl that he would win, and what happened, the other team won
    instead. So Rafa just continue to keep your eye on the ball. Vamos Rafa!!!

  7. Why do you have to ask RAFA such mean questions leave him alone to get on with playing
    Tennis……he is so right what matters is that he won his first round….each time he makes the next round is a step closer he only focuses on playing the best he can that he is well and happy, never that he wants to win five straight in a row, and you should know him by now he never sets out to win any tournament he focuses on the next game, and so on he’s been doing it all his playing career all thirteen years of it, and you the media keep hounding him about unimportant things like ‘who’s the favourite him or Novak, give him a break will you!..congratulate him on his win instead that is more positive and helpful….lucky he is such a humble guy, and so kind and considerate of others he wouldn’t dare offend any of the media, who seem to delight in hasseling him all the time. Have you ever heard him talk about winning the FRENCH OPEN FOR THE NINETH TIME!….NO NO HE NEVER WILL SAY THAT OR EVEN THINK IT, One wonders how he puts up with all the MEDIA and the sports commentators, I bet it will mean more to him if you just say, “Great game Rafa well done” good luck for the next …… up THIEM AND THAT WON’T BE SO EASY HE’S AN UP AN COMING YOUNG PLAYER….Vamos RAFA…

  8. It’s 50-50 IMHO. It all depends on Rafa’s commitment to play offensive, pro-active, first strike tennis like he did for the first 9 months of 2013. For some strange reason, he hasn’t played nearly as aggressively since defeating Djokovic in NYC last September. If Rafa’s depth of shot in the later rounds averages 29 feet(10 feet from the baseline) or more, he will win the tournament. If he averages 26 feet or less, like he has for most of this year, he will lose in the final or earlier. The weather and court conditions will also be a big factor. The hotter and drier it is, the better it is for Rafa’s chances. VAMOS!!!

  9. The tennis gods wouldn’t dare make a cynic of an adorable little boy with his whole life ahead of him, would they???

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