PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal visits Barcelona’s Liceu opera house with David Ferrer

After his press conference and practice, World No. 1 and eight-time Barcelona champion Rafael Nadal had the evening reserved for promotional activities. Together with compatriot David Ferrer, he visited Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House. They played a round of mini tennis inside the majestic grand theater, and posed for photos. Have a look!

Photos: EFE/Alberto Estévez, Corbis, Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell


  1. Parabéns aos dois grandes tenistas. Que a união seja sempre exemplo para um grande espetáculo!

  2. They give such a fantastic example!!! Nothing like this you would see before Rafa, Roger, Ferrer gave the example.

  3. It there was ever a test of character . . . I know they’ve been friends for a long time, but how many of us could behave so wonderfully with the opponent who stopped our record in history?
    Rafa, of course, knows it was his own shortcomings. Sending him oodles of hugs and “confidence building karma.” Believe in yourself again, Rafa!!! We always do and always will, win or lose!!!!!!!!

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