Rafael Nadal tells Spanish radio Onda Cero he’s got tickets to Rio

Photo: @RikiOjeda
Photo: @RikiOjeda

Rafael Nadal spoke to Spanish radio station Onda Cero recently, in which he said that he is practicing and that he has tickets to Rio. 

Rafa’s uncles Toni Nadal and Miguel Angel Nadal were on hand to talk more. Toni said that Rafa was a testament to growing up “normal”, and that young Rafa preferred football, but his tennis results and talent made him opt for that sport instead. Toni admired Rafa’s attitude, saying that he had the right attitude in both victory and defeat.

Toni recanted one of Rafa’s weakest moments, when he was diagnosed with a foot problem. In 2005, a specialist predicted that Rafa’s high-level tennis career was all but over. After he recovered in 2006 and revisited the doctor in 2007, he said that the doctor could not understand how Rafa sustained playing at such a high level, being that other athletes with this type of injury couldn’t even run. When Toni watched Rafa in Viña del Mar, he thought that it was over, and was glad that Rafa won at least one game. He said he’d “accept bad times”. Then Rafa went to Acapulco, and everything changed.

It’s great to know that Rafa is back to the clay courts he so loves. I hope Toni is assured that it’s not over, not by a long shot! Vamos Rafa!  

Here is the audio of his brief interview (in Spanish).

Source: tenisweb, Al Primer Toque



  1. +Rafa’s tennis matches are big entertainment for my husband and I. I pray he is able and healthy for years to come, we so look forward to watching him. He is a pleasure and a joy in every way. Love ya Rafa. God bless and keep you physically (mentally) healthy. Marylynn

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