Rafa Roundup: February 7, 2014


“We are four days away from the tournament and without training and given what happened in Australia, it is impossible for me to prepare adequately for a competition as important as the one in Buenos Aires.”

“Luiz Carvalho, director del torneo, habló con Carlos Costa, agente de Rafael Nadal y continúa confirmado para el Rio Open”, indicó en un correo electrónico Diana Gabanyi, de la oficina de prensa del torneo.

“…That Nadal fought on against Stanislas Wawrinka was an answering to the coding of his DNA. Expected you might think, yet fellow athletes, who understand effort better than us, swooned. Joel Selwood, an Australian Rules football captain, from a physically brutal sport, tweeted: “Would love #Nadal as a team-mate!”…”

“…What I had thought was going to be an inevitable march to 17 or more Grand Slams now looks like a long, perilous struggle again.”

La ausencia de Nadal, quien no se recuperó de una lesión en la espalda sufrida en el último Abierto de Australia, llevó a los organizadores a buscar variantes para reemplazar a aquel tenista español, que era la principal atracción del certamen.

The big question hiding like an elephant in the corner is whether Murray’s recent success will translate over to his rather uncompetitive rivalry with Nadal.

“…Andy Murray’s head coach believes people will need to see how the first two Masters level events of the season, next month at Indian Wells and Miami, go before making firm judgements about the threat to the quartet’s domination.”

If this injury trend continues, it could lead to changes in the ATP pecking order.  A quick glance at the rankings shows there has already been a subtle shift that could indicate a breakup of the dominance of the Big Four.





  1. very disspointing news…bt as a rafa fan. i pray rafa get well soon…..and. should back in court like lion…

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