Rafael Nadal’s Nike spring 2014 outfit for Indian Wells and Miami

Here is a look at a different version of Rafa’s Australian Open outfit, with earthier corals, grays and green, touted to be his outfit for the American spring swing. Nike seems to be on a multi-hued trend this spring, with various shades of blues, coral, and purple popping up everywhere. We know one thing: No matter what Rafa wears, he’s going to look great!

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  1. Instead if being “reprimanded”, you guys should be commended for the Rafa love you show through this site! I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to maintain this site. I am only a reader here, but it takes so much time already…how much more to search for the latest (and relevant throwback) news? You are awesome! Keep the Rafa love coming! vamos!


  2. Firstly you do a great job as volunteers. Everyone should realise that you have a day job as well! Rafael would look great in a ” black plastic bag” but how I hate those Nike shorts. They are shapeless and cheap looking. Surely Nike can do better for the Number One


  3. If the wrist bands were of earthier coral instead of grey the look would have been brighter :) But of course Rafael looks good in anything :)


  4. siempre me gusta su ropa, y siempre me la compro ….


  5. Thank you guys for the updates ;) this site really helps me with rafa’s where&whatabouts… ;) thanks again…


  6. Thanks for your reply, appreciate it. I just did not find it logical that there’s a topic ‘will he or won’t he go to BA’, which gives the impression that you guys are on it, and then…nothing. Volunteering or not, I am in e-commerce and can assure you that any website with over 100k FB fans will make some turnover (and profit if run right) at some point. Just my 2 cents.


  7. Very strange, today is appears that this website is no more than a hobby project. The webmaster is having some busy time and all of a sudden has no time for updates. This is not good for the credibility!


    • I appreciate it very much that you come to our site for Rafa news. The admins here are volunteers that have jobs and maintain this site for purely the love of Rafa and fellow Rafans. Occasionally, we do get incredibly bogged down by this crazy thing called life. So our apologies to everyone. We’ll be up and running shortly. Meanwhile, do check out our twitter and facebook feeds. Thanks!


  8. Suryanarayana Jagarapu

    Nice color dress n shoes.Surely he looks great in this outfit.Vamos Rafa!!!!


  9. Norma Isabel Maidana

    Todo lo que lleva puesto el Rafa, le q
    ueda bien- es un modelo –


  10. How about announcing the fact that Rafa has a stomach virus and skips Argentina next week? Come on guys, we visit this website for the latest relevant news – it’s been out there for over 12 hours – and you’re talking outfits.


  11. A Nadal la Ropa mostrada le queda fantástica, es un gran numero uno, saludos.


  12. I love it!!!


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