A letter to Rafael Nadal: “Thank you, Rafa!”

Photo via espanasiempre's tumblr
Photo via espanasiempre’s tumblr

A letter to Rafa, written by a 15 year old fan named Joely on Tumblr. 


Dear Rafa,

You lost today, and it was painful.

You lost to someone who had never taken a set off of you before, who was in his first grand slam final, who nobody expected to win, but you lost.

But what I want to say is thank you. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for being such an amazing competitor and fighting to the very end no matter what.

Thank you for pushing the boundaries of your sport, playing to the absolute limit.

Thank you for showing such compassion and fire on the court, inspiring so many people to do the same.

Thank you for pulling off the most ridiculous shots that make me jump and scream and yell “VAMOS!” just as you do.

Thank you for being such a humble, kind person, and making me love you more every time you speak.

Thank you for having such humility, such respect for everyone, especially your next opponent even if they’re ranked so lowly compared to you and are most likely to get beaten by you.

Thank you for being, in my opinion, the greatest competitor to ever play the sport, for fighting for every single point and never ever giving up on anything.

Thank you for playing through the pain that must be excruciating, for never giving up, for never backing down.

Thank you for bringing such happiness into my life by playing your very best tennis and winning so many titles.

Thank you for being there when I’m sad, even though you don’t know you are, I can just watch one of your old matches and feel instantly better.

Thank you for showing that you’re human on the court, showing your passion or disgust at the shots you hit, bringing another level into your game.

Thank you for being so brutal and fearless on the court, putting everything on the line to win, but being such a gentle and shy person off the court, because these two things compliment each other perfectly.

Thank you for making my life that little bit better every day.

So thank you, Rafa, for everything.

Source: rafito-rogelio.tumblr.com


  1. I cannot wait to watch tennis when it is on. Just to see the wonderful tennis player that really put their heart out on playing the game. Rafa is one of the best player out there. You know he is only human. Thank you Rafa for everything. I am one of your faithful fan. I have never watch tennis before but since I have seen Rafa play since he 17yrs old, I watch the game every time. I recorded it everyday so I wouldn’t miss any game.

  2. One of these days, his fake injury will be a reality.
    He is not humble, he mastered the art of pretending, Mr. Kiss ass to everyone. Too xxx!! Hahaha…please rafa learn to accept defeats.
    your backhand is like a jr. Player. You excel in RUNNING ONLY, but your skill is somewhere between #30 to #50 ranking.

    • Hello Jix, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, bigotry is not welcome on this site. Please keep your comments free of slurs. Your post has been censored.

    • I don’t know what you think this players do that they have to pretend to be hurt. Rafa is the no.1 player in the world. He doesn’t have to pretend he was hurt.

  3. Rafa, with our prayers for you, you will get better as soon as soonest to attend for more competitions

  4. I feel the same way about Rafa as the writer of this beautiful letter to Rafa! I love tennis because of Rafa passion and fire on court.Stan was such a poor sportsman to argue with the umpire “saying Rafa always do that”” I was so hurt how heartless Stan was and I used to like Stan but no more. He was all about the trophy when the game was over then he was a hypocrite saying how he’s so sorry about Rafa and his back.Rafa is his friend blah blah blah! I was so sad my son went to buy the whole season VIP tickets for me to go to see Rafa August 4-August 10 2014 at the Rexall Center in Toronto.I’m praying god keep Rafa healthy so he can be in Toronto to play otherwise I’ll be so unhappy because my son saw me waking up every morning in Toronto at 3 am to look only at Rafa game and i have to go to work later in the day.I’ve been waiting so long to see Rafa in Toronto. Just love him so much and I’ll be cheering Rafa all the time win or lose I love him so much.He’s a true champion and so humble that’s the reason Rafa won all of our hearts.

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