A letter to Rafael Nadal: “Thank you, Rafa!”

Photo via espanasiempre's tumblr
Photo via espanasiempre’s tumblr

A letter to Rafa, written by a 15 year old fan named Joely on Tumblr. 


Dear Rafa,

You lost today, and it was painful.

You lost to someone who had never taken a set off of you before, who was in his first grand slam final, who nobody expected to win, but you lost.

But what I want to say is thank you. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for being such an amazing competitor and fighting to the very end no matter what.

Thank you for pushing the boundaries of your sport, playing to the absolute limit.

Thank you for showing such compassion and fire on the court, inspiring so many people to do the same.

Thank you for pulling off the most ridiculous shots that make me jump and scream and yell “VAMOS!” just as you do.

Thank you for being such a humble, kind person, and making me love you more every time you speak.

Thank you for having such humility, such respect for everyone, especially your next opponent even if they’re ranked so lowly compared to you and are most likely to get beaten by you.

Thank you for being, in my opinion, the greatest competitor to ever play the sport, for fighting for every single point and never ever giving up on anything.

Thank you for playing through the pain that must be excruciating, for never giving up, for never backing down.

Thank you for bringing such happiness into my life by playing your very best tennis and winning so many titles.

Thank you for being there when I’m sad, even though you don’t know you are, I can just watch one of your old matches and feel instantly better.

Thank you for showing that you’re human on the court, showing your passion or disgust at the shots you hit, bringing another level into your game.

Thank you for being so brutal and fearless on the court, putting everything on the line to win, but being such a gentle and shy person off the court, because these two things compliment each other perfectly.

Thank you for making my life that little bit better every day.

So thank you, Rafa, for everything.

Source: rafito-rogelio.tumblr.com


  1. Thanks Joely for such a beautiful letter.

    Thanks Rafa

    When in life achieving something looks difficult i watch ur matches i get charged up and full of energy. Rafa you are not just a tennis player you are a role model.
    If anyone in life think anything is impossible they must watch Rafa play they will get courage to achieve their goal.

    Get well soon tennis is too boring without you

    Once again thank you Rafa!


  2. Yes, what a wonderful letter krazykiwi, I agree with everything. I never watched tennis until 5 years ago when I came upon Rafa – what an amazing toreador, what strength, what humility, what class. I live in Spain and follow all spanish sportsmen and women, but Rafa really is exceptional, in every way. Vamos

    • Jix I don’t know how you can talk such crap, Rafa is the most Graceful and Humble Tennis player out there and always gives his opponent congrads. for their win when he loses, if Rafa had not been hurt he would have gotten to most of those passing shots he don fake his pain or give up if he is not hurt. he would have been going for those passing shots he don’t lose on purpose. myself and others have the common sense to know that so you talking that nonsense makes no sense. get real and get smart because you are talking like a person with no brains.

  3. u hv played a great even though it makes me agreat pain when u lost it hope u will a french open u r a champion always take care ur health

  4. Once was called one dimensional player, Rafa shut them off! Once was called, he is only good on clay, Rafa shut them off! Once was called his injured and done, Rafa came back not just once but more than 3 times. is a great role model, a true champion, gladiator and a living legend. i can not ask for more….. he works so hard and still play with great passion. to top it all, he is really concern about the future of tennis and tennis players! we should be thankful we have a player like him in this era! men tennis is so boring without him. Don’t hate him because his Spaniard! Don’t hate him because his losing his hair! Don’t hate him because he has OCD! Don’t hate him because he has a better H2H against the top 4. Rafa rocks!!! =)

  5. Like millions of Rafa’s fans, I’d say MUCHAS GRACIAS. You give us joy ~ win or loss. There is euphoria when we share your happiness of achievement not only for your team, your family, and your fans. There is also deflation when you are not well, and losing is just another downturn which you can recover. I learned to love tennis (a sport I never play) because of you, Rafa. Go with God always.

  6. Î completely agree with Joely. Have yet to see another champion as evolved as u r. God bless u. U inspire each one of us to strive harder n b better human beings. Love u. God bless u always

  7. That’s such a beautiful letter. I just want to say that you have always been my hero and my greatest inspiration. You are the world’s number 1, have always been and will continue to be so. You’re the best! We all love you from the bottom of our hearts. I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. And get well really soon because your health is what matters the most. Vamos, Rafa!

  8. Rafa me has dado tantas alegrias, no nos debes nada, eres genial, un ser maravilloso. me encanta verte con tu novia, espero verte casado con ella , hacen una linda pareja, te sigo y te seguire siempre, eres casi perfecto, casi digo porque eres del Madrid si fueras del Barca te diria que eres perfecto jajaja, igual te amo, te deseo lo mejor te mereces todo, bendiciones.

  9. Gracias Rafa por darnos tantos momentos inolvidables con tu juego, eres verdaderamente un campeón. Gracias Joely por expresar lo que es y como es Rafa.

  10. Thank you Rafa for everything…. You are such a true warrior, true champion, true gentlemen…what a kind hearted man u r… Get well soon my hero n come back again next year to grab what u deserved… Vamosssss


    After watching the Nadal vs. Wawrinka match last night, two quotes rang
    in my ears:

    True champions aren’t always the ones that win, but those with the most guts.
    —- Mia Hamm

    Champions are not the ones who always win matches – champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. ‘Champion’ is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to ‘better’ others. Champions are not just athletes.
    —- Simon Sinek

    I loved listening to Pete Sampras’ interview a day later concerning Rafael’s sportsmanship qualities. In his praise, he mention things like dedication, adaptability, flexibility, stamina, “heart”, and dedication to the sport and to his fan base. Rafa’s abilities are second only to his immense humility. IMHO, Rafa is one of the most amazing tennis champions and incredibly admirable human beings on the planet. I can only explain the “boo’s” heard from the audience last night as their anguish expressed for Rafa’s injury and for the unfortunate circumstances which robbed him of the chance to show his true colours. I’m not saying Wawrinka didn’t deserve to win; I’m saying he would have gone 5 sets had Rafa not injured himself beforehand. I didn’t appreciate Wawrinka’s cynicism; as he accused Rafa of playing mental games to the Umpire — very unsportsman-like. I thought that was more his tensions surfacing, than anything else.

    THANK YOU, Rafa, for your dedication to the sport of tennis and to your burgeoning fan base. Your amazing tenacity and devotion to those who came to watch you play only helps me to understand why Rod Laver wanted a personal photo of YOU accepting the silver tray, and not Wawrinka being awarded the illustrious trophy. Sampras is right – we, your loyal fans, look forward to you making far more than 14 Grand slams… maybe 17 or 18 slams is more like it. Following you, Nadal the person, Nadal the ‘champion’ by the earlier definitions, is an honour & a privilege!

    All the best and get well & healthy, Rafa-man! We love you. AAM

  12. Amazing letter and an amazing way to express our for Rafa. This letter expresses my feeling too. In many bad and sad days many times I spend time watching Rafa’s old matches and it bring happiness to my life once again. Thank you Rafa, for who you are in and off the court. You have no idea for how many millions of people in the world you are a motif of joy. Vamos!

  13. Rafa, eres un ser humano tan especial, un jugador fuera de serie. No tienes nada por lo que pedir disculpas. Todo lo mejor para tí, campéon!! un ejemplo a seguir.

  14. Me quedaré corto ante tantas muestras de apoyo y cariño,. Rafa eres muy Grande y todos estamos y seguimos estando contigo ,no lo dudes, Mejoría para tu mano, descansa con los tuyos, quiero verte de vacaciones en Canarias, eres un Ídolo para nosotros como deportista ejemplar. Recibe el calor de esta nuestra bendita Tierra en forma de un gran abrazo colectivo. C. Javier

  15. I say this with all sincerity that Rafa is the best and most exciting Sportsman I have ever seen, so happy there is such a humble person that competes in my favorite Sport. Love you so much Rafa get well soon.

  16. Rafa was really a gr8 athlete on court during Australian final 2014 , he was injured and in pain yet he didnt pull out he kept at it to the very end
    Stan Wawrinka wasnt very appreciative of Rafa s injury and started continuously complaining to the umpire which in my opinion was rediculous and unbecoming to a finalist in a Grand Slam
    Rafa will come back soon and a special wish for a speedy recovery and a successful come back

    • I know!!! it was very disgusting from Wawrinka…It really showed that he has not appreciation for Rafa at alla even if he says that he has, she sow that for him his career is first, before relationships,which is completely different from Rafa. Anyway whatever it is Stans has to achieve a lot, he must have won the trophy but he never actually won peoples heart.

  17. He is a inspiration to the sport. A true champion on and off the court, a true champion in our hearts. Our prayers are with you Rafa and get well soon all the best in the futre and truly more happy days and finals for you Rafa

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