Rafael Nadal Uncut: Kia Open Drive

Enjoy Australian Open extended ride with Rafael Nadal in this uncut version of Kia Open Drive. 😀


  1. Rafa. …Proud of you…the way you handle yourself.. This is the beginning of the year 2014 the message is take care of your health….everything else will fall into place. I like the video…a great way to interact with your fans.looking forward to seeing you play on your next tournament. F.Y.I. Your number one fan..With respect…M.J. Miami

  2. Rafa its ok. Your the Greatest Player of All Time, No question ask, We love you from the Philippines.

  3. Rafa you are such a humble, unique person a great inspiration to young people. I’m still sad from the finals when I remember the look of your face when you couldn’t run around on court! My heart broke and I’ll never forget that final in a long time ! You are still a winner and # 1 in the world. You are speaking so well now your English has improved a lot! So humble, handsome, sexy and you are so funny. My son already bought me tickets to see you play at Rogers Cup and I’m praying you stay healthy and you will be in Toronto this year, I have to see you in person and wish I can get to hug you and take out a picture so I can put it in my room on the wall. My sons know how much I love you, you are the son I never met but love with my whole heart. Love from Toronto Rafa!

  4. Tengo 65 años creo seré tu fan más antigua…..siempre veo tus partidos .En casa se rien mis hijos p como t animo…….n estes triste . En cuanto t recuperes seràs el d siempre.arriba ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡CAMPEÓN!!!!!!!

  5. Nice way to advertise and see the greatest tennis player ever. Thanks Rafa LOL See you in the desert. (Indian Wells)

  6. I am a physician believe me all my friends in hospital are sad for my sadness because of ur injury in the final of Australian open vamos nadal

  7. Nadal u r the best player in the world don’t be sad an look forward for more victories I wish I can see u one day me and my family hope u agood and a nice days. Thank you our hero.

  8. Lo mas importante ahora es que Rafa este bien de la espalda. Es ahora #1 por lejos. Cuidate Rafa!!!!! Cuandi tu te lesionas todo el tenis se lesiona. Nada es igual.

  9. Rafaa….. I luv y man….. Im ur biggest fan in pakistan. I watch every game of urs….. I wish i could meet u ….. Ever …… Y r great….. U knw….. U r the best. ….. And rafaa.. i pray to God. … May u get the right path….. Amin…
    Ur fan….
    Muhammad bilal…..

  10. This is so very sweet. And honest! Rafa you are so sincere,bless you for thinking about each question no matter how dumb! How honest that you are nervous of the dark..! That helps me feel better,as I am the same way and way older than you lol! Take care,get rested and only play when you are ready! What a great man you are <3

  11. RAFA you my best gamer, my hero , pay attention to your short ball your best friend MHAMED

    Le Lundi 27 janvier 2014 14h18, Rafael Nadal Fans a crit : WordPress.com Rafael Nadal Fans posted: “Enjoy Australian Open extended ride with Rafael Nadal in this uncut version of Kia Open Drive. 😀 “

  12. Thank you RNF that cheered me up for sure. I am speechless… Rafa is just Rafa the BEST!!! Sincere, funny, never takes short cuts, and even his command of the english language leaves you speecless. He uses the right words to convey the right message. Vamos Rafa you truly are OUR HERO n inspiration. Best Wishes Always from an ardent RAFA fan.

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