Rafa Roundup: January 27, 2014


… If you ever wanted to see a sportsman, you saw one on Sunday as Rafael Nadal gave a master class at the 2014 Australian Open men’s final. Gracious in both triumph and defeat, no enemies on the tour and a resume that could end up being the best of all time. He may have lost the match, but he won everything else there was on Sunday in Melbourne.

… If you needed someone to make a throw or shot or putt or kick to save your life, who would you choose? Over the past 25 years there are a handful of people I would trust not to go wobbly… But right now? It has to be Rafael Nadal, doesn’t it?

“The doctor said it’s a tightening of the muscles and a few days rest should be enough,” said Toni. “He went into the match after feeling twinges during the week but very minor ones that normally do not affect you at all. “In the second game of the second set he felt a pinch. When I asked him after treatment what was happening he said ‘it’s over’.”

… “He had to continue. He knows that people have paid money for tickets to be here for the match, the grand slam final. He knows a lot of people are seeing the television. He does not want them to have, how do I say, the stopped show. “Whatever happens to his body, he will finish for them. The crowd here had always been very good for him and Rafael will not complain about no thing, ever. “But he is disappointed, of course. I wish it had not been like this for him. He wanted to play for the crowd and if he was not going to win, he wanted Wawrinka to be winning a match point. Not shaking hands when a match is stopped. This is important.”

… Will Nadal become the undisputed greatest player of all time? Can he be healthy and dominant? Fans and media want clear-cut judgments and answers, but such longitudinal measurements cannot be created before their time. We need more patience before we see the finishing strokes to Nadal’s career canvas. Nadal fans hope this will be in the distant future.

… ESPN’s @SportsCenter Twitter account incorrectly proclaimed Rafael Nadal the winner of the Australian Open final on Sunday.

… But there is no mistake: Nadal is the nicest tough guy in tennis. He would wade through fire if he had to, his marathon matches with Novak Djokovic are the stuff of legend but it is perhaps, his mental toughness that is his greatest asset.

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  1. Absolutely true what everyone has written here. Rafael Nadal is a true Champion and a humble World No.1….one could see his agony during the AO final, he showed great respect for all spectators, those present and those (like us watching TV at 3 in the morning!) and all other TV spectators for that matter, by not retiring…He was a most gracious loser, as seen at his final speech congratulating Stan. Since we love to watch Rafa play anywhere, anytime, and really enjoy his game..we wish him a speedy recovery and the best of luck at all his future venues. May there be many more exciting matches with Stan, Roger, Novak or whoever. Not only is Rafa a gracious and humble World No. 1 but seems to be a really nice person too!.

  2. Rafa – You are a true champion – great and exciting to watch. The Australin Open final was so sad, you were the brave winner in the way you dealt with your injury and your comments and congratulations to Stan. I am looking forward to watching you in future matches. Very Best Wishes for the French Open.


  4. rafa is always a champion for me. He is the best of all in this era,like federee, pete sampras,……
    Health is more important that winning, and u showed great strength without retiring in 2nd set in AO final,realising of all spectators n your fans watching the final match.
    I am proud of you. Felt happy to know that u are feeling well now. Gud luck for your coming next atp tournaments

  5. En condiciones físicas normales el triunfo era tuyo. Desde Montevideo Uruguay sigo todos tus partidos, un gran saludo

  6. rafa is a champion and he will be the best of all times. He is a wonderful player and we ove watching him play.. He is humble and he showed it in all his interviews,

  7. Have a food rest Rafa Uncle Toni should have requested you postpone the match Still believe you would have taken the trophy if you were fit 24 hrs is not a big enough break Stan had 48 hrs No chance for you to be ready Great shame Rafa RELAX now please

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