Australian Open R2: Rafael Nadal vs. Thanasi Kokkinakis

AP Photo/Rick Rycroft
AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

After a quick first round match against Bernard Tomic, who retired after the first set, Rafael Nadal goes on to face 17-year-old Aussie Thanasi Kokkinakis, ranked  570, in the second round in Melbourne.

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time: Not before 2:00 pm local (Melbourne), 4 am CET (Madrid), 3 am GMT (London), 10 pm EST Wed. Jan 15 (New York). To convert to your local time, use this website.

Watch Online: Fromsport and ATDHE, broadcast live on ESPN2, Eurosport and Tennis Channel.

This will be the first meeting between Rafa and Kokkinakis. On being asked if he knew anything about his opponent, Rafa responded: “I practiced with him in the past…I met him the other day in the Babolat event. He has a great future and will be a very tough match for me if I am not able to play my best. I am going to try to play well.”

Good luck Rafa! Vamos!


  1. Rafa, eres un gran campeón tanto dentro como fuera de las pistas. Felicidades por ser como eres y por ser un gran deportista. Vamosss, a por todas y todos.

  2. The best of luck to you during your match with your very young 2nd round opponent. Just keep up the positivity, motivation,self-believe,determination and the love that you have for tennis. Your love and dedication for tennis is a winning combination in itself Rafa. As always, I hope that you take the ball early and play close to the baseline — that alone is a winning strategy – so after every winning point your confidence will increase – keep trying it–keep doing it. I wish the best for you always. A true fan, and with love, Marylynn.

  3. Gail. I joined RNF a little while ago and I make it my first port of call when I start my
    day. It is always a pleasure to read the latest news and to see the pictures. Ignore the negative comments unless they are truly constructive, the positive ones are the important ones.

    I would also like to thank everybody involved, keep up the good work,


  4. I also discovered RNF just this year and great job of informing fans about Rafa–I always appreciate your postings and please keep it up-thanks–love seeing the pictures!!!!!!!!

  5. Vraiment,vraiment bien écrit Gail.Je comprends l’Anglais mais je ne sais pas l’écrire .Je pense exactement comme vous.Ce site est vraiment incroyable.On est tout de suite au courant de tout ce qui se passe concernant Rafa grâce aux e-mails ponctuels et les commentaires avisés de certains fans comme vous.Très heureuse d’avoir pu partager mon ressenti avec le vôtre
    PS:désolée de ne pas pouvoir communiquer en Anglais avec vous mais vous pouvez demander une traduction
    En attendant bonne chance à Rafa pour demain.VAMOSSS RAFA !!!

  6. To you all at “Rafael Nadal Fans” This is to you guys not a general post!! Keep up the GREAT work!

    I am a new member of RNF, and am really enjoying all my email posts. I am in cold and wet England, and look forward to the Aussie Open every year, even though it gives me sleep deprivation!! As I am drinking my sometime VERY early morning cup of tea, I also catch up with my Rafa emails on my iPad! Can’t believe that I have already missed 10 months of RNF. It’s great to get the press conferences so quickly, and all the lovely photos are a perfect way to start the day. All I could do without are the sometimes very bitchy comments following the posts. If you haven’t got anything positive to say, why bother!!!???

    Sincerely and with my thanks for all your hard work on behalf of all us Rafa Fans

    Gail Vickery

    PS great website by the way! Always works well with very few glitches!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hello Gail, and a warm welcome to RNF! Thank you for your very kind words. It truly is our pleasure to share what we love to do with everyone, and it’s just even more special then we receive such a nice note. I’m glad you enjoy our posts. The credit goes mostly to Rafa; he’s so wonderful, he makes it easy :). On behalf of RNF, sincere thanks once again – it’s great to have you on board.

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