Australian Open 2014: Rafael Nadal talks about his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello

After the match against Bernard Tomic, Jim Courier had a “personal” question about Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. See what Rafa said to make everyone laugh.

Jim Courier: Has your girlfriend ever come with you to this tournament? Xisca?

Rafael Nadal: No never no.

Jim Courier: Why?

Rafael Nadal: It’s too far.

Jim Courier: But you make the trip down here every year, right? When you going to bring her? Come on Xisca, we need you here, right!

Rafael Nadal: Well, if the girls from Australia are not that sad, so yes!


  1. She is a lucky lady, he has a beautiful set of teeth and smile, she also. When I visted the Tennis Club in Manacor Majorca there was a poster on the wall for a clinic of esthetic dental surgery in Palma with Rafa biting the trophy to show off his beautiful set of teeth. Some people have all the luck, the looks, the physique and the great sports talent. Fiona in Paris

  2. behind every great man there is a great woman tho lol lucky girl I don’t know if I would watch tennis if Rafa goes

  3. I saw all the matches when Rafael played it was class by itself except the final.
    sorry for the end it is because the sore back.Happy to hear now he will play in Brazil wish him well and best of luck.
    12 th Feb 14

  4. I hope Rafael gets better soon -tennis is nothing without him. We are proud of you Rafa, will be till you retire. Only then can it be someone else’s turn. Would gladly give it to Sam the Man then! PETA.

  5. Rafa has all the females in Australia very happy to have him all for themselves.Nice one Rafa!

  6. e’ simpatico.povera sono molte fan di rafa in tutto il mondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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