Rafa Roundup: January 2, 2014


… British reporter Barry Flatman asked Rafael Nadal his thoughts on reports that the courts at the upcoming Australian Open are said to have been made very fast, Rafa came up with a highly unscripted response: “Shit!” … “Okay. Doesn’t matter. I won tournaments on very quick surfaces, Montreal few times, and if I’m playing well, it’s not a big problem, playing on very quick surfaces. But it’s true that if it’s very, very quick, maybe it’s a problem.”

… The two athletes have previously met on six different occasions, including the quarter-finals in Doha three years back. Rafa holds a impenetrable 6-0 lead in the head-to-head and will likely manage to secure another win tomorrow afternoon.

… Contra Federer hay una combinación de estilos muy definidos y chocantes. Para el público es interesante: más o menos sabe cuál va a ser mi estrategia contra él, y lo que va a intentar hacer él. Como son dos choques de estilos muy diferentes, cada uno tiene que intentar potenciar el suyo para molestar al rival y está muy marcado lo que intenta el uno y el otro. … Contra Djokovic son partidos más dramáticos, físicamente quizás y mentalmente también. Estamos más cerca de estilo y entendimiento del juego, es todo más similar.

… “Then there’s a lot of work that can be done in this world to make it better for everybody so no one has big disadvantages over other people. That’s why I have my foundation, and hopefully we will try to help more people and it will be a more fair and equal world.”

… TODAY, Roger. Next year, Rafa? … Rafael Nadal’s coach Toni Nadal says the world No. 1 should closely look at the Brisbane International as the place for him to launch a future Australian Open campaign rather than his current Middle East choice.


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  1. Vamoooooooooos Rafa, I am saying this over and over again cause I want Rafa. to lift those hands in victory again and again.

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