Thanks message to all Rafans and our Contributors

When I started this website in March this year, I believed that it might become the right place for many Rafael Nadal fans all over the world to get the latest news on our champion. From day to day the number of you were increasing, looking for more Rafa news, photos and videos, and as this site grew I asked you to join me so that we can become not just bigger, but also better.


Many people sent me messages from around the world and some stuck around. WE became a team who updated you all these hours, days and months with honest love for Rafa. We met some wonderful people, enjoyed your comments, laughed with you and shared with you one of the best years ever, thanks to Rafa’s game and his moves on and off the tennis courts. To all of you that visit our website and social media, here is a big THANK YOU!

Our success is due on a a very large part to our contributors, who helped us along the way and guided us when we needed advice. Simply, thank you for being there for us. We will forever be grateful.

On behalf of the Rafael Nadal Fans Team, a special thanks goes out to our contributors. CLICK HERE to see the full list.

We have a lot more thanks to give! In the past nine months, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Did we make mistakes? YES, WE DID, but we are not professionals and we’ve always believed in the good intentions of others, sometimes to our detriment. Each time we apologized and tried to correct it, even though sometimes it was perhaps too late. This is not our job; we do it in our free time, for the love of tennis and Rafa.

People came and went from our team, but just like life goes on, things change and we all find some other priorities in life. The loudest people were Rafans who criticized us and who came to this site and our social media, not to enjoy Rafa’s success, but to find mistakes, falsely accuse us of plagiarism and say how much they hate us and what we do. Why? To discredit us and perhaps to support their own groups or, as one of them said, because they enjoyed it. To those people we say thank you as well, you make us stronger every time you challenge us.

The number of clicks, likes, retweets, and followers does not make us any better than anyone else, nor do we strive to prove that to be the case. We’re here to share an amazing experience that will only last a definite amount of time. Let’s share it with the happiness that it deserves.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy 2014! Looking forward to a smashing tennis season. VAMOS RAFA!

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  1. You are a true champion legend of the game thankyou for your efforts in the final I’m so sorry the crowd booed you couldn’t believe what I was hearing get well soon we love you 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. You have all done a fantastic job on the Rafael Nadal Fans site & I for one thank you for keeping us updated on Rafa’s activity. Yes – there are some that just have to say something – even if it is negative but in the big scheme of things – their opinions don’t benefit anyone but themselves. Rafa has enough true & passionate fans out there who only have his best interest at heart so I suggest he draws positivity from them and leave the others to fall by the wayside. Rafa has and always will be an icon in the sporting world & as a human being. Best Wishes for an awesome 2014 to you all! 🙂

  3. Congrats with the good works in updating us Rafa’s fans from all over the world. keep up the excellent job.

    gds, Lian from Brunei Darussalam

  4. You have done an awesome job in updating us Rafans all over the world. This is the site i go to first thing in the morning to catch up on all things Rafa. It always amazes me sometimes how you managed to get all those fantastic pics of our idol! Just ignore the criticisms, take the good and ignore the rest. Thank you again for all your good work and continue to build on it. Have a fantastic new year and Vamos Rafa!

  5. Thank you Rafaelnadalfans! You’ve been so great at updating me on news through this website and twitter! Happy 2014 tennis season!

  6. I agree 100% with Debby. A true Rafan wouldn’t have any reason to critizise so if they don’t like your website, they can’t be true Rafans and we don’t need them around! Your site is SPECIAL and it gives us just what we need – keep it up! Very Happy New Year to Rafa and every member of his FANTASTIC team! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA for 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You all are doing a great job, thank you, and all you do on this site. You have made sharing all our champion’s wonderful moments this year even MORE special!

    To those negative commentors, yes, best to ignore. Comments on the internet have made me more aware of how many ignorant, nasty people exist, and it is too depressing to think about. Let’s just consider how sad they are as people, and feel sorry for them.

    We, on the other hand, are part of a supportive community of MANY people around the world who take inspiration from Rafa – his passionate, caring, humble, polite self. Here’s to another great year for our champion and all you, Vamos, Happy New Year!!!

    • I agree with you!!! Thank you for everything. Happy New Year!!! Vamos Rafa!!!! Make you and us happy!!!

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