Rafael Nadal holds a falcon in Doha

Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych, and David Ferrer are in Doha to kick off the first tournament of the new season.

“I was very happy with what happened last season,” 2010 finalist Nadal told ATPWorldTour.com. “But it is now a new year. I am excited to be playing again in Doha and I will try my best. I hope to find my rhythm here and try my best to be competitive form the beginning.”

Andy tweeted these photos of himself and Rafa with a falcon. He pointed to the fact that the falcon is completely civilized and complacent on his arm, whereas the same falcon is a squirmy mess on Rafa’s. Poor Rafa! Does this mean that falcons will be added to the list of animals that Rafa doesn’t trust?

Source: ATP Wolrd Tour


  1. There are two falcons. Andy was holding one of them and Rafa and Ferru the other one. Pay attention! Falcons are different.

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