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Photo: @RomiCvitkovic
Photo: @RomiCvitkovic

As the year 2013 is getting close to its end and we’re all waiting eagerly for 2014, it’s time to have a look at the most popular news on in the past year.

We’ve picked our top 10 posts according to most reads by our visitors in the past months. Have a look at the 10 most read posts in 2013!

#10 Rome Masters Final: Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer

This is just the match time and live stream information, but it signifies how important and relevant Fedal still is to us.

#9 Rafael Nadal Having Fun In Ibiza

Shirtless and wet Rafa, swim trunks, a boat, the sea, and the sun. Any questions? It’s easy to understand why this is one of the most visited posts!

#8 Are You There, Rafa? It’s Me, Roger. (Jason Gay/Wall Street Journal)

It’s the morning after Roger Federer’s tough 2nd round loss at Wimbledon. Dazed, confused, and a little bored, he calls his old pal Rafa Nadal, who was out in the first round, to seek some comfort and solace. They reminisce about days gone by, folding bandannas, the identity of the elusive Tebow, and decide whom to cheer for at Wimbledon. It’s sweet, touching, funny, and totally fake.

#7 For the love of Rafa: Pseudo Fed talks about Fedal

Here you have it, right from the horse’s mouth. Pseudo Fed sets the record straight right here on our website about how Fedal happened. You can take His word for it.

#6 Srdjan Djokovic blasts Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

Perhaps this is best forgotten. Late July, Papa Djokovic made a faux pas about his son’s relationships with Rafa and Roger. Media hullabaloo ensued. Hope Djokovic Sr. noticed his son enjoying the off season with Rafa. We certainly thought the two had a good time together.


Every year, we at Rafael Nadal Fans make a little something for Rafa on his birthday. We get as many Rafa fans involved as possible. It’s fun, we love it, especially since it happens during Roland Garros. Didn’t get to be a part of the project this year? Rafa’s 28th birthday is just half a year away, so be on the lookout!

#4 Where does Rafa play next? Rafael Nadal’s 2013 fall schedule!

Schedules are always popular. We need to just know where Rafa is headed next.

#3 Nadal and Djokovic play tennis atop the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina

Rafa played tennis on a boat on a glacier with Novak, because he’s awesome like that. (This is the one we hope Papa Djokovic paid attention to.)

#2 Rafael Nadal’s Spring/Summer Nike Outfit 2013

What Rafa wears on court is a big deal, even though the man could look good in pretty much anything. Nike keeps it a secret, fan clubs rush to get the first shot of a leaked kit, and rumors abound. It’s all a bit crazy and yet we HAVE to know! The end result of it all? Whether his kit is a hit or miss, Rafa is always a hit.

#1 Tomeu Nadal: Rafael Nadal’s brother?! Mystery solved!

Our most popular post was about the most obvious of all things: Rafa does not have a brother. We know, but we still need assurance.


  1. Raffa sei un grande atleta ed un grande Uomo, certamente un esempio encomiabile per tutti gli atleti (in particolare i calciatori) sei un esempio di sportività di correttezza e dimostri che per vincere ed essere ilo migliore non è necessario essere scorretti.

  2. Its just so exciting to know that it will be time to watch my favorite Tennis player & Sportsman ever Rafael Nadal. compete in my Favorite Sport very soon, best of luck Vamooooooooos Rafa,

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