Rafael Nadal is Glamour Magazine’s 18th Sexiest Man of 2013

Photo: Armani

Glamour Magazine UK has come out with their list of the Sexiest Men of 2013 and our hero Rafael Nadal made #18 on the list. The current Superman Henry Cavill took top honours bumping down last year’s sexiest Robert Pattison to #2.

UK Glamour’s top 10 sexiest men for 2013:

1. Henry Cavill

2. Robert Pattinson

3. Liam Hemsworth

4. Tom Hiddleston

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

6. Harry Styles

7. Chris Hemsworth

8. Idris Elba

9. Jamie Campbell Bower

10. Justin Bieber

18. Rafael Nadal

UK Glamour’s issue of the Sexiest Men of 2013 comes out Dec 5, 2013.


  1. Rafa will always be number 1 in all categories! Gorgeous, sexy, charming, shy and just such a gentleman.

  2. Rafa should’ve been in the top 3…..Bieber really?????? I understand Hemsworth, Cavill and Pattinson being in the top 10 but beiber, there’s no way. Rafael Nadal is sexier than all of them

  3. Bieber sexier than Rafa???????? The readers of Glamour are obviously younger then I thought. Rafa is the sexiest,cutest,most charming man on the planet!

  4. The british public clearly have no taste in men. Seriously ugly men outranked Rafa. I’d say he should be in at least top 3

  5. I disagree that Rafa is # 18! Rafa should be in The top 3 sexiest men! Rafa is real hot, sexy and the best body as a model, these people who voted for the others are totally blind. Rafa is drop dead gorgeous Wow !

  6. Rafa is the sexiest man.. bar none… the others do NOT compare..Rafa is # one in every category…how dare they rank him any lower than ONE!!

  7. Who is doing this voting, never heard or seen any in the Top 10 and I wouldn’t take a second look if I passed them in the street. Rafa is hot, hot, hot, and he makes me feel that way too, xx

  8. Justin Bieber more sexy than Rafa???!!! Give me a break!!! I have no idea who the other guys are. And that is not Rafa’s sexiest picture. I don’t agree at all!b

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