Rafa Roundup Videos: November 2, 2013

Full Match: Nadal v Ferrer

Paris 2013 Saturday Interview Nadal: Rafa analyses his semi-final defeat to David Ferrer at the BNP Paribas Masters, on Saturday.

Higlights: Nadal v Ferrer


  1. Rafa making a lot of unforced errors .,,London is ferrer 3rd tournaments in a row ,he must be feeling tired and Rafa will punished ferrer ,Rafa beat all the players on his group this year ..Rafa give everything you got left for the London finals and get the title ..

  2. Rafa was not playing to win that game he was playing to lose to David! I looked at his game and he never played like this before.I think he wants David to be in the finals! He los eon purpose and I’m a huge fan of Rafa and love him very much!

  3. Rafa’s shots were just going out and Ferrer’s shots were just staying in! It was just one of those days, Rafa will be back to normal on Tuesday, he had a bad day in his “office”. Vamos Rafa, xx

  4. He was slow and seemed not to be there. But Ferrer played out of his mind. You can’t spray that many balls when your opponent is playing so well.

  5. Rafa made a lot of mistakes on his best forehand, which was very unusual. I noticed exactly what he said in his interview that he didn’t move quickly and Ferrer is a fidgety player. He doen’t stand still and he goes for all his shots very fast. Rafa will have to make onlyslight adjustments to his game to beat Ferrer and I know he will do it in London.

  6. Must have been a great match-I’ve just seen the highlights and my word it was breathtaking. Rafa you needn’t be disappointed -you couldn’t have played better-what a match at such a high standard!

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