Rafa Roundup: October 8, 2013


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… What is beyond doubt is that, as Nadal heads towards his late twenties, he is showing a confidence in his physical health which suggests he could remain at the top and be a thorn to his rivals for a long time to come.

… Can Nadal break the recent mold and go longer? He could. Nadal defends no points from now until February. He only has 10 points on the line at Wimbledon. Assuming he’s as dominant on clay as usual, he’ll stay No. 1 even if his hard court play takes a dip.

… So the path to his first WTF title is relatively smooth and straight. Then Rafa, the champion of all he surveys, will have to be content with repeating himself. This should not be a cause for concern among Rafa fans. As Nadal has proven at the French Open year after year, motivation to continue winning will not be a problem.

… In comparison, Nadal has won 65 times this year and made $10,700,034, which equates to $151,288 per match, but has made $62,210 for each set he plays – about $9000 less than Azarenka.


Photos: Rafael Nadal’s presser and photos in Shanghai

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  1. Even if he doesn’t win WTF, it doesn’t metter. Slams count and many records that Rafa has set -nine years in a row winning at least one slam, eight RG and he can improve it years that come. Just to stay healthy and focus on slams- no pressure to win WTF.
    Sampras even never won RG, Olympic gold and was considered the greatest of all times.

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