Roger Federer: “I think it’s an unbelievable comeback”

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“I think [it’s] an unbelievable comeback, no doubt about it,” said the Swiss right-hander. “One year ago people were saying he might never play tennis again. One year later he’s world No. 1. That’s how quick things can go in tennis, which is great. On the other hand, you’ve got the other extreme sometimes, you write off a player a little bit too fast.”

Roger Federer also said he was pleased for the left-handed Mallorcan. “I’m really happy that Rafa’s proven himself, for himself personally clearly, but also to the rest of the world that you never write off someone like him… The US Open was an unbelievable victory.”

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa is strong and a fighter. All those who pretend he is not are just jaleous! Federe and him are the best forever! VAMOS for Shangai!

  2. Rafa does have the warrior spirit, most of the time you will see Rafa come back and win when he gets down in a match,but as he stated before a person just cant win every time. True Rafa. but I say Vasmoooooos!

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