Vanity Fair – Rafael Nadal and Clara Alonso: Let the party begin!

Rafael Nadal appears on the fifth anniversary issue of Vanity Fair Spain, along with model Clara Alonso. The photos, shot in St. Regis hotel in New York City and showing a suave Rafa in a tux, accompany an article that tackles issues from Rafa’s foundation to Spain’s current economic crisis. The article also talks about how Rafa sees himself. To us, he looks pretty good!

Rafael Nadal: “The only way out of this crisis is to work. We live in an unfair world where someone has too much and others too little. We must strive to achieve equality.” Read more here!

Photos via Vanity Fair Spain


  1. I prefer to see him in his natural surroundings, tennis courts, the sea and with his beautiful girl friend who is far more beautiful than the model in these pictures.

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