Rafa Roundup: September 12, 2013

Nadalmania in New York City
Nadalmania in New York City


… Nadal has won 20 of his 21 Davis Cup singles, including 16 of 16 on clay, his sole reverse coming on indoor carpet against Czech Jiri Novak in his first appearance in February 2004.

“Sometimes I really don’t know how I am able to beat him at all,” Nadal told a small group of reporters with a laugh. “But maybe he felt something similar and that’s the most important thing: I know that I am playing at my limits when I am playing against him, and I have big hopes he feels something similar to me.”

… There will always be a passionate argument for Roger Federer as tennis’s greatest ever. Yet many have wondered how a player can be regarded as the best of all time if he’s not conclusively the best of his time.

… The 2013 US Open men’s singles final on that saw Rafael Nadal win his 13th major singles title over world No. 1 Novak Djokovic earned a 2.8 overnight rating on CBS Monday evening which is up 22% from the Andy Murray vs. Djokovic final last year (2.3) and up 8% from the Djokovic vs. Nadal final in 2010 (2.6).

… A year ago, we feared Nadal may never sink his teeth into another Grand Slam trophy. After his romp in New York, the only question is: How many more?

… about Rafa: “He’s similar to Serena in his constant intensity. I love capturing the effort in his whole face, in his eyes and his lips. That effort makes him a great subject, but it’s also difficult to shoot him because most of his poses are so familiar. How many times have we seen his arm over his head, or the way his upper lip curls when he’s about to hit a forehand? So you’re always looking for something unusual from him, a shot he doesn’t hit as often.”




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