Maria Francisca Perello cheers on Rafael Nadal in New York City

Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend Maria Francisca (Xisca) Perello, sister Isabel Nadal, mother Ana Mari­a Parera and other members of Team Rafa looked more than pleased yesterday as they watched Rafa take on Rogerio Dutra Silva at the US Open. VAMOS RAFA!

Photos via Daylife and Tennis Magazine


  1. Well done Rafa, you are just the greatest and such a pleasure to watch. I would love to see your hair longer again though!

  2. nice mother and sister also girlfriend…good heart viva espanya..pilipinas sna mkta q un idol si rafa vamos

  3. What a beautiful lovely girlfriend for Rafael, he sure deserves it, and all the members of his family & his team, they all look so happy for him, and like they are having a great time….I think RAFA is one of the best & classiest players around, about as classy as the great Roger Federer. Good luck RAFA, and thank goodness you have family & friends that truly care for you. Vamos, companero….

  4. Don’t his family look lovely and so happy for Rafa- they look so happy and so they should be – what a fantastic player Rafa is.

  5. I just love that family!! They are so close and it’s obvious that they are a real great support to our hero! Vamossssss Nada!

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