Happy Left-Handers’ Day, Rafael Nadal!

In case you didn’t know, our champion Rafael Nadal is only left-handed when he plays tennis – doing everything else with his right hand.

Q. “When you were younger and you switched from hitting with your right hand to your left hand, how did your uncle Toni come up with the idea to try that? And how difficult was it for you at that age to switch from hitting right handed to left handed?”

RAFA NADAL: “That never happened. It wasn’t an idea of Uncle Toni and for sure it was impossible to change the right for the left. I started playing tennis with two backhands – playing two hands forehand and two hands backhand. And one day had to start playing but we didn’t decide I have to play with the left or the right. The natural thing for me was to play with the left. I play futbol with the left all my life. The feeling to give something or take something, I do everything with the right, no? But the feeling for the sport I always have the feeling for the left.”

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Source: tennisnow.com // Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, Reuters and via Fan Pop


  1. If he’s naturally right handed he’s very ampedextrous I must admit – there’s no way I could play tennis with my left hand – congratulations Rafa -multi brilliant!!!

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