Uncle Toni: ‘Rafa has nothing more to lose’

Photo: Jordi Avellà
Photo: Jordi Avellà

Rafael Nadal has nothing to fear and nothing to lose as he prepares for the US Open, according to his uncle and trainer Toni Nadal.

The Spaniard became the first reigning French Open champion to bow out in the first round at Wimbledon since Gustavo Kuerten in 1997 after being stunned by Belgium’s Steve Darcis on day one of the Championships.

The manner of Nadal’s defeat led to further speculation about the impact of a full clay court season on the chronic knee injury that curtailed his 2012 season – a lay-off that also followed an early exit at Wimbledon at the hands of Lukas Rosol.

“Rafa will come back. He has no fear of this break – he has nothing more to lose. Currently Rafa is doing physical training, but no court workouts. The break is important – he has played enough.” Toni Nadal told reporters at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart .

Nadal had reached the final of all nine tournaments he had entered prior to Wimbledon, winning seven of them – including his eighth French Open crown and the BNP Paribas Masters on the hard courts of Indian Wells. He will take the rest of the month off before kicking off his US Open warm-up campaign at the Rogers Cup in Montreal, which begins on August 5, before heading to Cincinnati for the Western & Southern Masters a week later. The US Open begins on August 26.

Source: ESPN


  1. ma nadal non ha nulla da perdere intendendo i punti da difendere ,nadal ed il suo problema al ginocchio ,è una cosa normale ,roger da 15 anni che ha la schiena dolorante ,ma non significa nulla ,e si vede che roger quando gioca male stecca perche la schiena fa male e non la tiene ferma ,nadal non ha nulla sul ginocchio che possa portrlo ad un calo fisico ed tecnico ,ce gente che nasce forte fisicamente ed un iccolo infortunio non gli comporta fatica ,la fatica ed la esplosione che va in esplosione fisica è stato muster ,cioè un atleta -tennistico che con fisico forte creato in palesttra ,è scoppiato ed ha finito per vincere solo un rg nel 1993 perche aveva fisico ,m NON HA DURATO ,PERCHE NON è NADAL ,NADAL CON LE GINOCCHIA CHE HA PUO SCALARE UN A MONTAGNA 3 VOLTE DI FILA NCHE CON IL GINOCCHIO ,POI SECONDO ME VOI PARLATE E NON SAPETE NULLA DI QUELLO CHE HA NADAL ,INFATTI NADAL RIDE E SI DIVERTE VOI INVECE PARLATE DEL GINOCCHIO E NADAL RIDE DI SANTA RAGIONE ,PERCHE SA CHE IL GINOCCHIO STA BENE ,DUNQUE NON CAPISCO COSA DITE ,INSOOMMA ,VE LA FATE E VE LA MANGIATE DA SOLI ,LE COSE LE DITE E POI LE RITRATTATE PERCHE NON SAPET LETTERALMENTE QUELLE CHE DITE

  2. Toni is absolutely right. Rafa is a winner and will always be a winner no matter what, whether he continues to play tomorrow or not. Everyone, who is so worried, and cynical about his knee, has forgotten or has delibrately overlooked his achievements inspite of his knee problems. This is a young man who has worked hard all his life and has been a joy for everyone to watch and a real great example for younger kids but also his peers. Rafa has taught his peers to work hard at thier own game, to take defeat head on, no excuses, give credit to his opponent when beaten. Rafa has made many fans for the game of tennis. He brought excitement to the game on and off the court. He has many of his peers now emulating his courteous behaviour towards their opponents. I am sure we can all recount many many instances of when his behaviour has changed how his opponent behaves against him. Any critic or cynic of his ablities and length of stay on the tennis circuit should worry about the loss to the world of sport when Rafa hangs up his tennis raquet and shoes. Toni You are right Rafa has nothing more to loose but the world of sport nad tennis certainly does.

  3. Good to hear the good news uncle Toni! Cant wait to see my boy back on court! Avid fan from Cape Town South Africa! 😉

  4. I totally agree with Uncle Toni, Rafa will continue to play with what he is still young, he’s only 27 years old. It is noted that in any career there are ups and downs to Rafael when he knew far more ups than downs, it’s amazing with 12 victories in Grand Slam. it is not common to many players know these kinds of stories. It has a lot of chances even if he happens to lose known to have a habit of winning! It is simply the best! And whatever happens it has nothing to lose. Bravo campeone! Vamoooos Rafa!

  5. Vamos Champ!….We are all waiting to see you move like only you can…..Follow your plans and let all the talking heads do all the blah blah….Only Tony and your team counts…..
    “Salud y Suerte” Rafa we love you and the way you play..

  6. this is so good to hear of Rafa,s progress,we sure wish him the very best on his hard court tournaments. vamooooooooos champion,see in August.

    • Can’t wait to see Rafa playing again. Tennis is not the same w/o him. Wish you all the best!!!
      Vamooooos Rafa

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