Pardon, your slip is showing! Freudian slips, gaffes, & faux pas at RG13

Earlier today, Rafael Nadal made a faux pas, tweeting condolences for South African leader Nelson Mandela, who is hospitalized but is still alive. Rafa quickly apologized for the gaffe:

While that isn’t too funny, and was an oversight due to false information flowing around the internet, the one he made during his on-court interview with John McEnroe after his victory at the final on Sunday definitely was. When asked what he thought about the “crazy guy that came on court” (a referral to the protester that jumped on court with a flair in hand), a confused Rafa asked, “Usain?”

Occasionally, TV commentators give us the best gems of them all. It’s but natural. Sportscasters and commentators have a tough job, and it isn’t always easy to contain yourself when you’re ad libbing in the midst of an exciting match. Here are a few such gems from Rafa’s matches at the 2013 French Open, courtesy of this Tumblr site.

Jim Courier: Rafa’s arrived. He’s coming hard now. Just look at him coming.

Jim Courier (at the final): Ferrer is coming hard for him

Mark Petchy: He’s like a roaring ball of muscle and fire.

Simon Reed: Look at his bicep when he hits that forehand, I’m surprised he doesn’t give himself a black eye.

Frew McMillan: He is one hell of a human specimen.

Mats Wilander: Rafa is pretty good at tennis.

ITV Commentator: Rafa’s almost as good at the shirt change now as he is at tennis.

Eurosport commentator: If Roger Federer is God, does that mean Rafa is Jesus?

Wally Masur: Rafa’s balls are just bouncing up into Djokovic’s face.

Mark Petchey: If aliens ever invade planet Earth and we have to send out reinforcements, I think top of that list would be Rafael Nadal’s forehand down the line. They’d think twice about invading then.

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