How long will Rafael Nadal stay in the top 10?

Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

French newspaper L’Equipe predicts the Top 10 in the Emirates ATP Rankings in 2018. Notable inclusions are Benoit Paire at No. 2 and American Jack Sock at No. 10, while a notable exclusion is Rafael Nadal, who will be aged 31 in five years’ time. With problems with his knee plaguing him  for the better part of last year, and a style of play that exacerbates impact injuries, can Rafa keep going at his current pace and sustain a high rank? Those are questions to keep in mind as we look at the predicted list of top ATP players in the next 5 years.

Predicted 2018 Rank/Age & 2013 Rank

1. Grigor Dimitrov (Age 22; Rank 28)
2. Benoit Paire (Age 24; Rank 26)
3. Andy Murray (Age 26; Rank 2)
4. Milos Raonic (Age 22; Rank 16)
5. Novak Djokovic (Age 26; Rank 1)
6. Kei Nishikori (Age 23; Rank 15)
7. Bernard Tomic (Age 20; Rank 61)
8. Ernests Gulbis (Age 24; Rank 40)
9. Jerzy Janowicz (Age 22; Rank 23)
10. Jack Sock (Age 20; Rank 118)

Although no one can predict the future, predictions such as these are often a wake up call for players (and their fans), to not take their time and opportunities for granted. One should also bear in mind that these predictions are often the opinions of the person or team that presents them. Who would have thought that Rafa would return from his time off to win 6 titles this year?

What do you think, Rafa Fans? How long will Rafa be able to play and do you see him in the top 10 in 5 years from now? Post your comments below.


    • Rafa has proved he is the best on clay, I am thinking and predicting that Rafa will come back too his # 1 ranking again providing he has no more issues with that knee problem.

  1. I would not count Rafa out . If he is injury free he could still play for a few years more.

  2. he will have 21 grand slams and going for his 13th frensh open …. he will always find the way to win

  3. Nos duele leer esto, pero algún día ha de llegar. Tal vez que esté ya tan explícito se trate de una pretensión, pero si Rafa va eligiendo las superficies en las que juega y va descartando torneos, esto puede ser más que probable…Su lesión y su juego no son demasiado compatibles.
    Dependiendo del lugar que hipotéticamente ocupase en el ranking, siempre…Vamos, Rafa!!!!

  4. Rafa is already a legend. So far he has come back with guns blazing. We dont know what the future holds but all i want is a happy and healthy Nadal, This ‘prediction’ will only give him resolve to strive!

  5. Um, Murray and Djokovic are only a year younger than Nadal………I find it really kind of funny how they talk about some of these players Djokovic and Murray included as having years of success ahead of them as if they are so much younger than Nadal. Murray should be at the peak of his career right now, and how many majors has he won? Oh that’s right, just one. It’s downhill soon for all these players……just the nature of tennis being physically demanding for everyone.

  6. I can’t bet about Rafa, but I hope for good. But one is for sure Benoit Paire will not be there. For sure. Sorry french people. Don’t be too much patriotic.

  7. Those all on the list will not be 100% on top ten, they are just good on their first set then at the end they are loser. I’ll stand with Rafa till next 5 years.

  8. it depends on Rafas Knee, I think if his knee holds up and doesent cause him severe problems he will stay in the top ten and better because he is very strong and is one of the smartest contenders out there.

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