Rafael Nadal: I Have To Fight And Run And Be Humble And This is Why I Won – Interview Transcript

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Rafael Nadal spoke with reporters after winning a record 7th victory at the Internazionali BNL D’Italia ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Rome on Sunday, May 19. Here is a transcript (verbatim) from the tournament website.

Q: First of all 7 wins in Rome and second somehow surprised when 1 all 30 all he you lost only 3 points – won 9 games in a row… 
R. Nadal:  Surprising …. I 61 and but that is what happened and the end is always surprising when you play against someone like Roger – and you win 61 – how can I explain when these things happen and you have to combine a few facts. It happened in London to me in the Masters Cup and without winning a lot of points – 51 and then 61 and to make this happen between two players when there is not a big difference and so one player is playing well and the other is making more mistakes than usual on that day.

Q: You were impressive and congratulation. I would like to ask — according to the level of Novak and Roger – who will be the tougher opponent. 
R. Nadal:  Let me enjoy today and not think about tougher opponents. That will be the first round and it will not be Roger or Novak for sure and so I will go day by day as I have always done and I don’t want to think about the Roland Garros yet and let me enjoy this victory and the fantastic come back and Wednesday or Thursday and then I will start to think about what will happen there and playing there but not today.

Q: Another victory. There is a lot of talk about your injuries. Can you tell us about Roland Garros that is coming and if you feel 100% fit and health and ready. 
R. Nadal:  I said it during the tournament and before the tournament I don’t wasn’t to talk about health and I have talked too much about health and so questions about tennis and not health. I am what I am and I was able to compete against the great player in the world and so I am happy.

Q: You won 6 tournaments up to now
R. Nadal:  What

Q: You won 6 tournaments this year . What is the best level of your game – like here in Rome or where.
R. Nadal:  I don’t know I think I played great in Indian Wells and in Acapulco and in Madrid also at a high level for a moment and then my feeling I was practising and better than in Montecarlo and Barcelona but that doesn’t nothing and it doesn’t mean that you won but in Madrid I started to have the right feelings about my forehand an backhand and I played great matches in Madrid and here I played one bad match – against Gulbis but I was there mentally and I won that match with a lot of fight and a positive mentality and the rest of the matches I played well and against Federer…… and yesterday and today a very high level

Q: Is it beyond your wildest dreams – to win 6 tournaments and finalist in the other 2. You had some dark times last year and then the Australian Open when you couldn’t play
R. Nadal:  I say every day that this is a … it you tell me than 4 or 5 months ago then I would say you are crazy and so after 8 tournaments and 6 victories and 2 finals is a dream for me and I am enjoying a wonderful dream and to win 3 Master 100 and 2 Master 500 tournaments …. is more than what I ever dreamed about 4 months ago and all I can say is thank you for the support and to my team that thanks to them I have the chance to be here again and compete.

Q: You say you can’t practise as much as you used to but you seem to play at your best
R. Nadal:  I think I explained I am practising not as much as I did but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the chance to play at a high level and the mental part is sometimes important like other things and mentally I am enjoying it and I have the chance to practice enough

Q: What is your feeling about your level going into the Roland Garros. Is it sufficient
R. Nadal:  Maybe it is enough but what can I tell you. If I play like this and I arrive to Roland Garros and somebody beats me I shake his hand and so I am happy and I am playing much better that some months ago and I am doing the right things to play well and I am playing well and I don’t want to talk about Roland Garros and that is only 1 tournament and when you play 1 tournament you can lose and……… when you play and win many titles in a row like I am doing then you are doing things well and I can reach Roland Garros and lose in the first round – this is the sport and this is tennis.

Q: I know you don’t want to compare tournament but how you beat Roger in the Roland Garros 61 63 60 you were almost embarrassed at the end and not too excited as you won too easily. Did you feel the same today? 
R. Nadal:  No. I think it is a different situation – then he played a great game 51 52 and was serving and then it was 53 and the second serve of the point of that game and I served 2 good balls with the 53 and then he gave me a backhand into the net and then love 15 and you are in a problem and so …. in the matches and the finals and a big opponent like Roger you have to close the match.

Q: You look like you have a reply for every opponent.
R. Nadal:  Every day is a different day and when I go on court I know I can win or lose and it is one against one and all the players who play here have the potential to beat everybody so when I go on court I always am thinking that what is happening to me in the past 8 or 9 years in not for ever and nobody stays here for ever and nobody wins for ever and so I don’t know when this will finish and so I try to take care in very moment to make sure that this happen as late as possible and I respect everyone and this is why I have a lot of success every year and to win a lot of matches on this surface …….. and also others because I respect everyone and some days I don’t play my best and I have to fight and run and be humble and this is why I won.

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  1. its for sure that Rafa is very humble, what a great sportsman. your win was like a breath of fresh air for this fan, I am so thrilled to watch you in competition Rafa for you are the most exciting player for me, good luck on your next match.

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