Rafa Defeats Gulbis, Moves to QF in Rome

In an exciting and nerve-wracking match, Rafael Nadal defeated Ernests Gulbis 1-6 7-5 6-4 to reach the quarter finals. In a rematch of the Madrid quarter finals, Rafa is set to battle David Ferrer in the next round. Here’s hoping that this match is not nearly as daunting as the last!

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  1. What a match is the best way to put it! Im interested to hear comments from everyone who reads my curiosity and my personal opinion of tonight’s nerve wracking match!
    Do you think Rafa is not deserving to win the match given that Gulbis’ statistics was simply outstanding?
    I am and will always be a Rafa fan and had been a solid fan for the past 10 years and I can safely say that I understand the sport on a level where I can simply have my opinion, which is—-> Its not about the statistics, its about staying in the match from beginning to end and winning the last point! What you guys think?

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