Rafael Nadal Fans Wish Andy Murray A Speedy Recovery

Image Courtesy Tennis Magazine
Image Courtesy Tennis Magazine

Earlier today, Andy Murray had a tough match at the Rome Open that saw him struggling to keep in the game.

He later stated that he would be “very surprised” to play at Roland Garros later this month. He further said: “I need to make a plan as to what I do. I’ll chat with the guys tonight and make a plan for the next few days then make a decision on Paris after the next five days. I want to make sure it goes away. It’s been a problem since the end of 2011 but it got bad during last year’s clay season.”

We are saddened to hear about his injury and his potential absence at Roland Garros. As Rafa fans, we understand what an injury can do to a sportsman’s form and morale. We are never happy when a player is injured, especially someone like Andy Murray. We wish him a speedy recovery and a full comeback soon.


  1. C’est vraiment triste de voir un joueur se blesser :Bonne chance Andy Murray Et toi mon joueur préféré depuis le début de ta superbe carrière .Vamos Rafa !!!Tu es le meilleur !!!Biz

  2. Hi Andy I love the game of Tennis its my favorite sport and I am sorry to hear this news I surely hope you will get well real soon. players like you make the game so great to watch any way Happy Birthday &get well soon.

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