Why Are Some Rafans So Upset With Maria?

Yesterday, we posted an old photo of Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova that quickly became one of the most popular posts on our page to date. It wasn’t the photo itself that got the attention from fans, however, but rather the caption underneath it. Maria participated in a live Facebook Q&A session with her fans two days ago in Stuttgart, where she is currently playing in the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. A fan posed the following question: If Rafael Nadal asked you on a date, would you accept it or not? Maria’s answer? “Not my type.”

Many fans were upset by her answer. Some stated that Rafa would never ask her out, because she is not HIS type. Others stated that she does not measure up to Rafa’s girlfriend, Maria Xisca Parello, and yet others said that she just doesn’t like men like Rafa. Some went too far and insulted her.

Who (or what type of a person) do you think is the ideal match for Rafa?
Who (or what type of a person) do you think is the ideal match for Rafa?

So what is your opinion, Rafa fans? Was she right to be honest and speak her mind? Should she choose her words more tactfully and answer more thoughtfully, or should we just calm down and stop taking it so seriously? What do you think? Share your opinions with us here on our website.


  1. Maria has a lot of class and appears to be honest, she is not as humble as Rafa. He would have been more humble. But I don’t think she meant anything bad or wrong. Stupid question in my opinion

  2. It’s fine if she would not date Rafa. But I bet if he asked her (not now but in the past) she would go out with him. As far as her comment “he is not my type” in my opinion, that sounds a little harsh (some would say insulting). She probably did not mean it as an insult, but I feel that a more gracious response would have been nicer. She might have said, I like him as a friend, but not to date — or something like that. But Maria is a little abrasive anyway. At the time, her comment did not surprise or shock me. Marylynn

  3. maria was being upfront re rafa. she is in my opinion, a classy player and pretty and also talented in other ways. her choice of boyfriends is her business, not yours.

  4. Her answer was blunt and conceited, because she has no manners. But it was most probably true.

    However, the fact that Rafa actually is NOT her type speaks a lot about her. And the fact that her types are the likes of Vujacic, Dimitrov and Djokovic speaks even more.

    Birds of a feather…

    Bunch of conceited, vulgar, materialistic and shallow guys. And she’s all of that, only more so. She often talks about money in a most blunt and vulgar way. She often insults her WTA colleagues in a most blunt and conceited way, avoids any contact with them, skips even common courtesy.

    As for the superficial side of things, her looks are really off-putting, harsh and not appealing at all.

    It’s logical that a warm and natural guy such as Rafa is not her type. Because she’s cold and awkward Harpia Moneypova.

  5. 1- Sharapova looks like a transvestite or a lady boy
    2- She has no breeding to answer a question like that! She can say something more educated and classy than point blank he is not my type!
    3- She is ugly anyways! I dont even want to compare her to Rafa’s gf because its unfair for his gf to be involved on this.
    4- Overall, there is nothing hot about you Sharapova! You are one masculine gay looking russian regular girl.

  6. They are my 2 favourite tennisplayers, I don’t care I thik they are the best and she was honest and that’s the most important :p

  7. So what ? She’s not his type either , Xisca is much prettier than Maria , and very different type as well … and even if she didn’t have a gf , why should we be upset ? Just bcoz he is not her type ?? Stupid thing…

  8. I guess she was just honest. She didn’t say anything that could insult Rafa or us his fans. Evertone has different tastes and opinions. The issue is just exaggerated.

  9. we are here talking about this because is about Rafa and he’s a boy, but if this was Rafas’s answer about Sharapova (she’s not my type) the whole world now would insult him . For me is the same, Everyone could tell in freedom what he/she thinks but not insulting people. One response could has been “where are both in a relationship” or “we are just friends”. That’s all!

  10. I think Maria could have given a better response. She was asked about going on a date, not marrying Rafa! Geesh, it’s just a date. Why not have responded..”sure, who wouldn’t?” or at least she could have said she was already in a relationship. To say he is not her type was a lame and disrespectful comment. Play along with the question Maria!! This is not an arranged marriage!!!

  11. Maria used to be an inspiration for me as to her comment I find her rude and harsh believe me she is not Rafas type he is humble and an amazing champion unlike Maria I think she’s quiete full of herself shame on her

  12. I’m not going through all the comments to find if this has been said already, but Maria could have been thinking the next questions was going to be, “Rafa, would you ask Maria out?” And she knew he would say no, because I’m pretty sure she isn’t Rafa’s type, right? And she would have looked pretty stupid if she said yes and Rafa said no. That’s my take on it.

  13. I don’t see why it should be a problem!!! She has the right to be interested in who ever she wants! Everybody knows she is fan of Nole….

  14. She’s just too conceited and thinks the world revolves around here. She’s an ice queen, who cares who’s her type? No-one but her

  15. I think it’s her right to say that she won’t date Rafa, but still, I was expecting her to say something more rightful in a way that doesn’t disappoint Rafa’s fans. The way she said that Rafa’s not her type is a bit too rude for me, I would have loved it if she said something like ‘Rafa’s a nice guy, but I don’t think it’d work out if I date him’ because it sounds better and in my opinion, people will respect her if she had said something better.

  16. we were expecting a more diplomatic answer from her. what if the question was asked to Rafael Nadal instead?. A diplomatic answer would be the most appropriate reply to prevent feelings of fans getting hurt. The fans prays, supports and covers every action of their career. It was just a normal reaction from the fans, but not very well played for Ms. Sharapova.

  17. 1. Numerous interviewers take the example of Rafa( for ATP) and Maria ( for WTA) when citing that despite the money and fame, and the yes men, and the fan following these two are the most grounded stars of the sport, and an example for young kids- So i highly doubt that she said it out of an attitude problem.
    2. I think the above picture painted her in a bad light. Pictures add more emotions to words.
    3. They have a very cordial professional relationship. There were several pictures of an event where Masha was posing with Rafa- and they both looked comfortable in their pose,smiling easily. In the above picture, it looks like one of those work/tennis related media commitments,which honestly noone can be happy about, and Rafa does not look happy either. Atleast we Rafans know, that as long as its not Soderling, he does not have a problem with anybody. So in this picture, if he is also upset or bored, its the fault of the presser/media event.
    4. If you saw the nike event Clash of the titans way back in 2011- with Rafa, Vika , Rog and Masha, even during the warm up only Rafa and Masha were hitting with each other, Rafa didnt even hit any with Roger. And during play, he and Maria were giggling away.
    5.And mosre recently, she tweeted that she wants Rafa and Ferru doing Bikram Yoga. So noone will mention someone they dont like!
    6. I agree that she should have employed tact in answering that question- she could have said that I see him more as a friend as opposed to my date. Or she could have just added no offence after not my type.
    7. And honestly, even if Xisca wasn’t on the scene- Masha and Rafa would never have anything in common! Opposites attract, but except for their hardwork, commitment, coming back time and again from injury, they have nothing in common. They are toooooo opposite to attract. If Rafa was to be with a WTA- honestly noone in the WTA is hot enough to handle him 😉 But I can picture him with Ana Ivanovic
    8. Steve Tignor’s article http://www.tennis.com/pro-game/2013/03/return-persistents/46826/
    sheds light to how different they are. So Rafans dont hold it against her
    9. She likes guys like Djerk. Honestly, noone has the time today for soul searching. And on the surface, Djerk looks like the “perfect” guy- smiles easily, makes fun of others and himself in the process, is more outgoing and open. More of a showman. And Masha is a self confessed “dork”, so her outgoing ness is because of her tennis. So she likes someone who is not afraid to show the world who they really are. Like Djerk.
    10.Rafa on the other hand has another class of an upbringing, and there is also the language barrier. I mean, a Spanish Russian relationship sounds funny to begin with. Plus due to their geographical upset, their nations being torn apart by war, the Eastern Europeans, tend to stick together. They would rather date someone from their own community. And Masha must be living in Florida since she was 5, but biologically she is Russian, and not American. because Americans are the most open people I think- they just have to like someone… irrespective of which community they belong to. So Americans have the most fascinating blood lines.
    11. I dont see why everybody is creating an uproar. She should not be reprimanded for being honest. although she should have been more diplomatic.
    12. She should clear the issue by tweeting an apology to Rafans ( because Rafa couldn’t care less. He has more important things to worry about 😀 )

  18. this is ridiculous she did not mean it in a bad way what if you were up there what would you have said yes that would make rafa think that you like him and no would be more disrespectful than what she said


    victor bellott

  19. I don’t know why but I think she just doesn’t like Rafa for some reason. I can’t be upset with her for saying he’s not her type though, maybe she just likes them ugly 😉 Joke, but really. Everyone has different types, tastes. Everyone has their own opinion, should she have been more careful about how she said it? Maybe. This way it sounded like she’s bitter about something/hates him. And who on Earth can hate Rafa?

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