Why Are Some Rafans So Upset With Maria?

Yesterday, we posted an old photo of Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova that quickly became one of the most popular posts on our page to date. It wasn’t the photo itself that got the attention from fans, however, but rather the caption underneath it. Maria participated in a live Facebook Q&A session with her fans two days ago in Stuttgart, where she is currently playing in the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. A fan posed the following question: If Rafael Nadal asked you on a date, would you accept it or not? Maria’s answer? “Not my type.”

Many fans were upset by her answer. Some stated that Rafa would never ask her out, because she is not HIS type. Others stated that she does not measure up to Rafa’s girlfriend, Maria Xisca Parello, and yet others said that she just doesn’t like men like Rafa. Some went too far and insulted her.

Who (or what type of a person) do you think is the ideal match for Rafa?
Who (or what type of a person) do you think is the ideal match for Rafa?

So what is your opinion, Rafa fans? Was she right to be honest and speak her mind? Should she choose her words more tactfully and answer more thoughtfully, or should we just calm down and stop taking it so seriously? What do you think? Share your opinions with us here on our website.


  1. i think that maria sharapova just did the right thing,because rafa has a girlfriend,maybe she doesn’t want rafa’s girlfriend to get jealous. Maybe maria sharapova doesn’t want to make issues, and just to stay away from trouble.hehehe

  2. Yo pienso que ella es tan vanidosa; que prefiere salir con feos,porque si sale con Rafa, al que todo mundo miraría es a él; porque Rafa es lindo, talentosósimo y sencillo. Ella se lo perdería ¡¡¡¡

  3. Maria has a lot of class and appears to be honest, she is not as humble as Rafa. He would have been more humble. But I don’t think she meant anything bad or wrong. Stupid question in my opinion

  4. It’s fine if she would not date Rafa. But I bet if he asked her (not now but in the past) she would go out with him. As far as her comment “he is not my type” in my opinion, that sounds a little harsh (some would say insulting). She probably did not mean it as an insult, but I feel that a more gracious response would have been nicer. She might have said, I like him as a friend, but not to date — or something like that. But Maria is a little abrasive anyway. At the time, her comment did not surprise or shock me. Marylynn

  5. maria was being upfront re rafa. she is in my opinion, a classy player and pretty and also talented in other ways. her choice of boyfriends is her business, not yours.

  6. Her answer was blunt and conceited, because she has no manners. But it was most probably true.

    However, the fact that Rafa actually is NOT her type speaks a lot about her. And the fact that her types are the likes of Vujacic, Dimitrov and Djokovic speaks even more.

    Birds of a feather…

    Bunch of conceited, vulgar, materialistic and shallow guys. And she’s all of that, only more so. She often talks about money in a most blunt and vulgar way. She often insults her WTA colleagues in a most blunt and conceited way, avoids any contact with them, skips even common courtesy.

    As for the superficial side of things, her looks are really off-putting, harsh and not appealing at all.

    It’s logical that a warm and natural guy such as Rafa is not her type. Because she’s cold and awkward Harpia Moneypova.

  7. 1- Sharapova looks like a transvestite or a lady boy
    2- She has no breeding to answer a question like that! She can say something more educated and classy than point blank he is not my type!
    3- She is ugly anyways! I dont even want to compare her to Rafa’s gf because its unfair for his gf to be involved on this.
    4- Overall, there is nothing hot about you Sharapova! You are one masculine gay looking russian regular girl.

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