The world watches as Rafa takes a bath

There are not many people whose bath time can cause ripples around the world. Sure, there was Archimedes and his ‘Eureka!’* moment, when the Greek scholar’s plunge into water brought a revelation about volume displacement, but beyond that earthshaking tub events are slim on the ground. Tennis legend and Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal is one of the few global superstars whose post-workout dip can cause headlines or, in this case, a global ad campaign.

Rafa plays poker in bath
Photo via Poker Stars

“Raise me, raise me, raise me…. Oh.”

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Today – yes, this very day – Rafa’s bath spills over onto the internet with his new PokerStars advert where the King of Clay takes on pillow fight runner-up Lucia Arroyo in a heads-up tussle online. It’s a match on a level playing, albeit a playing field that involves a bath, a library and a couple of iPads.

“I play on PokerStars because I love competition – the battle of minds, and that is what this advertisement is all about,” said Rafa Nadal.

Too right, Rafa. It’s just a shame you couldn’t hero-fold those aces.


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