Rafael Nadal Cheers Spain’s Historic FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Berth


Rafael Nadal is elated as Team Spain secures a historic spot in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. Spain’s nail-biting 2-1 victory over Sweden in the semifinal showcased their resilience and determination.

Taking to his Instagram account, Rafa posted a heartfelt message to congratulate the women’s football team, affectionately known as ‘La Roja.’ His words resonated with joy and admiration as he celebrated their journey to the finals.

“How great they are! On to the finals,” Rafa wrote in an Instagram Story, encapsulating the jubilant sentiment that echoed across the sports community.

Ranked 6th in the world, Spain is set to face England (ranked 4th) in the final on August 20 at Sydney’s Stadium Australia, promising an exhilarating showdown.

Will La Roja continue to delight Rafa and Spanish football enthusiasts with a triumphant victory, or will the honors go to England?


  1. I just read a story about Rafa working out in the gym. Did he hit on court with performer Sabastian Yatra? Just for show?

    I need to see video of Rafa hitting under the supervision of Coach Moya. Soon please!

  2. Go get the Brits, La Roja!

    Watch out for their ruthless style of play (umpires in Sydney seemed to turn a blind eye to the Lionesses myriad of instabces of foul play plus time-wasting against the Matildas.

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