Twitter supports Rafael Nadal as he withdraws from French Open

22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal on Thursday withdrew from the French Open because his hip injury has not healed and said he expects 2024 to be his final year in professional tennis. Many of tennis’ biggest stars quickly reacted to the news.


  1. I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t been said already.

    This decision is no surprise at all – thought all along that it’d come to this and even tournament beyond.

    Feel extremely sad. Miss you terribly especially during the clay court season. But it is what it is. Feel very sad for you too. I just hope that your injury heals completely and you heal completely on all levels.

    Praying to see you back on court as long as you are healed and want it too.

    Take good care of yourself. For me you are the absolute best in every way. I could never really be ready for you to retire although one day it has to be.

    Until then I wish you all the best and hope to see you on court again!



  2. “It makes me restless
    Oh I am so mad I am getting old
    It makes me reckless
    You still look like a movie
    You still sound like a song
    When we were young…..”

    (Apologies, Adele) Very wise to shut down all the speculation about RG and your plans.
    It has been a breathtaking ride from the first moment we saw you on court. Good luck
    with your recovery; get well soon. No sad songs, Rafa-see you back on court❤️

    • It is difficult to find the words! Rafa is unique because he combines his wondrous talent, fantastic fighting spirit and courage with great humility. No-one has ever set a better example to those who play tennis or any sport.
      Rafa has made the right decision to withdraw from RG this year. He naturally wants to recover fully so he can enjoy competing on his favourite surface. (No-one wants to see the undisputed King of Clay beaten in the first or second round because he is struggling with injury.) We shall have to be patient and hope and pray that he can return to the court in the form that will enable him to win one or more of his favourite tournaments for the last time in 2024, before he retires.
      I have followed Rafa’s journey since 2005 and will be very sad when he does retire. He is truly irreplaceable. (I will never forget his signature topspin forehand down the line! The one that looks like it must be going out only to curve back in before it bounces.) I hardly watch Men’s Tennis now.
      My very best wishes to Rafa and his family. I know that he will handle the transition well.

  3. I don’t know what to say….even news presenter Rebecca Maddern who delivered the news in Melbourne reported she’s been crying.

    Why didn’t I ever watch you here in Melbourne Park…..

    You say ‘probably going to be my last year….’ – what does that mean?

    I will pray my hardest for you Rafa to come back healthy.

    Godspeed always, dear Rafa.

  4. Dear Rafa. My heart reaches out to you, because of the pain you feel, not only from your hip, but also of the decision you have had to make on relation to retiring . Sadly no matter who you are or what you do, this thing called “retirement” faces each of us. For those in sport it can come earlier than expected for some which is attributed to their chosen sport. You will never be alone when that time comes, wonderful family and friends plus your millions of fans..we will be here for you too. I will be over the moon the next time I see you walk onto a court no matter where it is. Just get better for yourself so you can see out your career the way you want and wish it to be. God Bless and heal you my Champion. Vamos Rafa 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘❤❤

  5. Will sure miss you, Rafa 😔 – All the best wishes and get well soon, champ. Can’t wait to see you back on court ❤️🍀🎾💪🏼🥰

  6. I just received my official 2023 RG tickets earlier this morning…I will miss you this year.😢 Glad I had the opportunity to watch you play in 2017 and 2022.🙏

    It has been an honor and a privilege to be one of your many fans. Thank you for all the joy and excitement over the years. Get well soon, Rafa.❤️‍🩹 Hope to see you next year.

    • Boa tarde Rafael Nadal, fiquei muito triste assim como milhares de fã sua,mais o importante é vc se cuidar,e e em 2024 tá pronto para nós dá mais alegria e, au mesmo tempo tristeza da sua aposentadoria fica na paz ,estou rezando para vc ficar bom da sua lesão, sinta-se abraçado ,com carinho de sua fã.

    • Wow, lucky you and sure you are sad like we all are, but we must hope that he will heal that’s foremost!
      I was lucky to see him last summer working out at US Open. I treasure the video.

  7. Dear Rafa. Missing you so much. I’m shattered, to hear about you. Tennis will never be the same. Haven’t watched a single match after you last played. But , as a fan I can’t be selfish , you also have a life after tennis. We need you to be happy and healthy. Will miss you so much. Get well soon. Hope see you in action, soon. You are my forever Champion.

    • Sad but true – I watched you play in Cape Town an experience I will treasure for ever. I hardly missed any of your matches on TV, amazing memories I have of a true, humble, caring, and beloved champion – I will miss you and everyone knows RG will not be the same – thank you and take care!

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