Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal Is Badly Missed

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“I worry more as a friend. At the tennis level, obviously I’m worried that he can play again and he can arrive at Roland-Garros prepared, which is the main objective,” Lopez said. “But it worries me more on a personal level, that a player who has been succeeding all his life, is now going through this, so hopefully he recovers soon, if it can be in Madrid then great. People are waiting for him, they really want to see him playing, the people of Madrid always give him a lot of love every time he plays, so I am worried that this problem will last a little longer in time.”

“It hurts me that he is going through this, just like it happened to Federer, who had to retire without being able to play, playing a doubles match, although it was quite a reason, but I do not think it was what he had dreamed after everything he has achieved. I’m hopeful that the injury won’t be that bad and in 1-2 weeks to have him back.”

Alcaraz says the fact 12-time champion Nadal is not at the tournament does not mean he has a better chance of winning the event in his home country.

“I’m a tennis player but I’m also a tennis fan and I always want to see the best players at every tournament,” he told reporters at the pre-tournament press conference.

“With what Rafa has achieved at this tournament, it’s a shame not to have him here, not to be able to enjoy his tennis and I wish him a speedy recovery.”

“That was special, obviously, playing him on Pista Rafa Nadal,” Norrie said. “I think that was maybe the first time or the second time I played him. To play him the first time on clay, to play him here — and the court is named after him — was pretty special and he played too good.”

“Every time I play with Rafa, I always play really well after that. Playing at that level, I think the matches following that always have good results. So I’m missing him. I need to see him back on tour soon.”

As 36-year-old Rafael Nadal ramps up for what may be his final swing through the clay courts of Europe, we look back at the 10 matches that made him the undisputed King of Clay.

Roland-Garros is the most important title in Rafael Nadal’s glittering career. This season, a 15th triumph would also move him one clear of Djokovic in the Grand Slam tally. The stakes couldn’t be much higher.

Most feel he still has at least one more French Open title in him. Another victory this season would be astonishing, given the decimation of his year so far.

But if there is one universal rule in tennis, it is this: you never, under any circumstances, write off Nadal at the French Open.

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  1. Yay yay. Agree wholeheartedly with what you have said. So blessed and privileged to have watched him play for the last eighteen years. God bless him , his family, friends and fans.

  2. We all miss Rafa like crazy!!! Even so I agree with Lorna and David that Rafa return in Rome (if well enough) and not in Madrid.

    Rafa take good care – you’re probably watching all these youngsters playing. Come back when ready.

    Love you 🥰

  3. I will always be grateful for what rafa has achieved and his behaviour on and off the court. True, there is a huge void because of his absence , but hoping he can come back healthy. Unfortunately time stops for no one.

  4. To me, the best scenario is for Rafa to return to Rome as the courts there play similar to RG. If Rafa isn’t 100% there’s no point in coming back at Madrid in terms of his confidence.

    • I agree with Lorna that the Rome tournament is the important one for Rafa to be ready for Roland Garros. Not Madrid. I also agree with Jill that something is up with Rafa besides recovering. I think the something is Rafa’s desire to come back and win. He doesn’t want to be out after the first round. Rafa wants to use his time now to be in top form when he returns to the tour.

  5. Each day each match this wonderful man is missed from tennis by millions. We have to stay with him through this horrible time and pray for his healing. Positivity should be all he reads in comments from fans…not what when or why. Let us all remember him in our prayers. 🙏

  6. Nadal has “ALWAYS” given 150% and has taught the World! To “NEVER GIVE UP”!
    His example of “HUMILITY”! Is all U can give
    With Playing your Best when u don’t always win.

  7. SOMETHING is up with Rafa – and I don’t think it’s much about his injury he obtained in Australia any more…. Praying for complete healing for our champ. Tennis world is wrong with out him! And I believe he has more tennis left in him! Get better, Rafa! WE MISS YOU!

  8. Whatever Higher Power you believe in: God, the Universe, Yahweh, Jehovah etc – if Rafa will be permitted to play, he will play. So let us be accepting of this Truth, and at the same time be grateful that our hero has graced the courts around the world for close to 18 years, at the highest level…

    Thank you, God for allowing me to witness this marvelous human being – not only throughout his entire tennis career but also his example as an outstanding human.

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