United Cup: Monday practice photos

Earlier today Rafael Nadal was on one of the practice courts ahead of his match against Alex de Minaur at the Ken Rosewall Arena in Sydney. Here are some photos.


  1. Rafa-hope you can make adjustments ahead of AO. If anyone can, it is you. We look forward to your play-stay focussed-new coach, fatherhood are big changes-we are with

  2. Nice photos I wish you good luck and succes for this year.
    I think I am going to one off your matches this year.
    So hope to see you soon.


    Magalie S. Burke .

  3. Really felt tfor Rafa today in Sydney. He tries his best, what more can the man, 36yrs old to do just right now. He needs plenty real matches between now and AO, not just practise.
    Wish you the very Best Rafa for up and coming AO.

  4. I watched the first set and Rafa looked great. Champ seemingly ran out of steam in the end.

    He’ll be alright if these losses don’t settle in his head and pull down his confidence.

  5. Rafa loses in 3 sets. The last set was 7-5 but Rafa did not win a point in the last two games. It looked like he could have won the third set before running out of gas. Long match. Four double faults.

    I conclude that it’s a longer road back than we might have assumed. Let’s go Rafa!

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