Rafa Roundup: Nadal will travel to Australia with his son

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After a recent interview with Marca, the Spanish tennis legend was given the ‘Best Dad’ award by the Spanish publication. An amused Nadal joked that he is still working on his ‘dad skills.’

“For the moment I will have to work on this,” Nadal said with a laugh after receiving the award.

Nadal also revealed that his 10-week-old son will travel with him and other family members to Australia next week for his month-long campaign on the hard courts down under. The 14-time French Open champion will begin his 2023 season at the United Cup, starting December 29th, before he begins his Australian Open title defense in mid-January.

“I did a bit of physical training, I think I’ll need a few days in Australia. I’m aware that I’m a little bit short, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to pick up the level I need to be competitive in Australia.”

“I turn to Gustavo because Francis decided to take a different path. I’m not very much in favour of making big changes. Francis made a decision, and above all I love him as a friend, practically family,” Nadal said.

Nadal will travel to Sydney on Monday to play in the United Cup mixed tournament in preparation for the Australian Open.

Q. How is your left foot? Have you resorted to pulsed radiofrequency injections again or do you plan to do so before traveling to Australia?

Rafa: “The truth is that I have done it many times after Wimbledon because the injury is incurable and when the nerve starts to hurt you have to do it again. I have to thank Mario, my regular anesthesiologist in Barcelona, and Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, who were the ones who put me in contact with David Abejon, a specialist in the Pain Unit, to start a treatment that has drastically changed not only my career, which in the end is secondary, but my personal life. Now I am much happier, beyond winning or losing on the court, because I was suffering from a limp. I played tennis with lots and lots of anti-inflammatories but I was limping all day long. I thought I had to quit tennis because I had lost my vitality and I was a sad person most days.”

“I don’t have to forgive Mbappe for anything, in sports these things happen. He wanted to come to Real Madrid but he was under a lot of pressure and everything was complicated for him. I hope to see him at Madrid in the future.”

Pressed further on whether Real should continue to monitor Mbappe’s potential availability, with questions continuing to be asked of how long the 24-year-old will be sticking around at PSG, Nadal added: “As a Real Madrid fan, I would sign Mbappe tomorrow.”

But even so, he admits he was emotional watching another sporting great lift the ultimate prize in his game as Argentina finally prevailed.

He said: “Without supporting Argentina, when Messi lifted the trophy I was moved to tears. For the emotion of seeing someone so great achieve what he missed after suffering so much for it.”

He said: “People who like sports don’t like it when someone they admire retires. You don’t want Messi or Tiger Woods to retire. I like to see them on TV and I would like to continue watching them.”

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper Diario AS, Nadal stated that he shared a great bond with Federer.

“He is happy, enjoying life, delighted. We talk regularly. We have a very good relationship and he is doing things. He was in Tokyo and other places. I have spoken with him regularly and well, the truth is, he only has to fix the knee,” Nadal said.

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  1. Boa a tarde Rafa q seu Natal junto com sua família e, parentes tenha sido cheio de amor, felicidades e, partilha, q o Ano Novo traga prosperidade a todos e, muita saúde pra vc q tem q forte para o torneio na Austrália sintam – se abraçados amo vcs até 2023, beijo 😘❤️🙌🙌🙏🙏

  2. I am so looking forward to Rafa defending his title in Melbourne at the Australian Open. I know the oddsmakers don’t give Rafa the best odds, but I am confident that Rafa has a great chance to win his third AO title! Hopefully the draw will be a beautiful one for our dear Rafa!

    • Wishing Rafa a great campaign in Australia…can’t believe it is only a few more days before we get to see Rafa play in the inaugural United Cup. Exciting!!! 🥳😃🍾

  3. What a wonderful Christmas it will be with baby Nadal. Have a blessed Christmas and
    New Year’s. Thank you for a fantastic attitude through all the challenges on and off court;
    how we need that positivity! All the best to you and the family at the AO👍👏💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  4. ¡Felíz navidad, Rafa!

    Deseo que el año 2023 va muy bien para ti. Y tambien nosotros Melburnians somos muy feliz que todos tu familia van a visitar nuestro ciudad el enero que viene.

    Forgive my halting attempt at written Spanish….

  5. How do they determine the Best Dad award? What are the criteria? Who are the voters? Are they old or young voters? Is it because Nadal took time off for Federer then flew back to be with his unborn son? There’s so many Dads in Spain. Some richer, some poorer, some famous, some unknown, some athletes, other selling fruits and vegetables. But like Nadal, they all love their kids in equal ways.

    • It’s really not that serious. He’s barely been a dad but just a couple months, and it’s not like they can monitor his handling of his child. It’s just meant for fun…. it’s all going to be OK.

      Enjoy the holidays, and maybe take a nap or two.

  6. All the very best for Christmas and hope 2023 goes really well for you vamos rafa l am sure your going to make a great papa

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