When we all vote for Rafael Nadal | ATP Tour Awards 2022

22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has been nominated for the ‘ATP Fan Favourite Singles’ award. His rival and good friend Roger Federer has won the award for singles player every year since 2003. It’s Rafa’s time this year. Don’t you agree with us? 😉

You can vote for Rafa H E R E.

(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images for Laver Cup)

Rafa earned four titles this year – the Melbourne Summer Set, the Australian Open, the Mexican Open in Acapulco and the French Open. He also reached the final of the Indian Wells Masters before losing to Taylor Fritz and the semifinals of the Wimbledon Championships before he had to withdraw with injury. Our champ has finished the year with 39 wins and eight losses. 

Voting ends on Friday, December 2, 2022 (11:59pm GMT).

Note: Fans’ Favourite candidates are active players in the Top 100 of the Pepperstone ATP Rankings and Top 25 teams in the Pepperstone ATP Doubles Team Rankings as of 7 November 2022. The Top 100 includes players with protected ATP Rankings who have played at least one tour-level match in 2022. Candidates with protected rankings are noted in the list with (PR). 

Vamos Rafans!


  1. The ATP award winners should be announced as early as tomorrow … I sincerely hope Rafa will win the Favorite player as well as the Sportsmanship award for the 5 consecutive year in a row. He certainly has earned all the praise and accolades this past year while maintaining excellence in his performance on/off the court. There is no other player more deserving than both these awards this year. Vamos Rafa! 🙂

      • Rafa won the ATP Fan favorite award for 2022! Along with winning this award for the first time in his career, Rafa has won the award in every category (sportsmanship, newcomer, most improved, comeback player of the year, etc.) according to the ATP website. Rafa also posted a very positive and touching thank you video to all his fans. Check it out! I am looking forward to another great and successful year for Rafa in 2023! 🥇🏆😉💪👏

      • Awesome win for Rafa! no other player deserves this award more than Rafa! He is our favorite for sure and the reason why we watch tennis. I have no doubt that this ATP Fan Favorite award will inspire Rafa to even greater heights in 2023 and beyond. In short, we love watching him play tennis and winning big titles, especially at Roland Garros!!!

      • Very well deserved award for Rafa at the end of his historic 2022 season with 22 slam titles, the best in history! Rafa has a gazillion fans and I am proud to be among them.

      • It’s the season to celebrate Rafa with this terrific award. Rafa did amazing things and won amazing grand slam titles this year in the most challenging of circumstances. So proud of all his achievements with many more to come. I hope Rafa has a fabulous holiday season with his loved ones. Happy Holidays, All Rafa Fans!

      • To all Rafa fans, I am glad our combined efforts paid off well. Extremely glad that Rafa finally won this award. Only 4 players have ever won this ATP fan favorite award.

      • Well done, Rafa!!! I really really hope that you win this ATP fan favorites award many times during your career! We love seeing you play tennis, and may you play for as long as you want!! Thank you for your video message too – that was so endearing to see. 🥳👍

      • Congrats, Champ! Rafa, you are definitely my favorite player, as well the favorite for so many fans around the world.

  2. Done! Rafa for me, always.

    Physically, Rafa’s almost there. He didn’t care really about how he performed in Torino 2022. He just wanted matches under his belt after the twin injuries of his foot and abdomen/tear. Puts him in good stead to fight coming battles in 2023, starting with the Oz Open.

    All the best Rafa!

      • I too voted for Rafa and got the confirmation email. Rafa, good luck 🍀! I am already looking forward to seeing you doing exciting things and getting many wins on the tennis court in 2023!

    • Rafa makes tennis exciting. I don’t think I would watch tennis if Rafa isn’t playing. Tennis without Rafa is boring. I have voted for Rafa. Everyone, make sure you vote for Rafa. Good luck to Rafa to pick up this award, and I would love to get his reaction in December when they hand him this award. Rafa is the best!😃

    • To all Rafa fans: make sure you vote, vote, vote for Rafa to win this award! Together we can all make a positive difference.

      • I voted for Rafa, as did all my family. Winning this ATP fans favorite award will be as important as winning an ATP tennis title. Rafa gets lots of love from all his fans around the world wherever he plays, and getting this award is an achievement that I’m sure will make him super happy and proud of in 2022 (along with his many other achievements). Rafa has won the Stefan Edberg Humanitarian Award many times for displaying the best sportsmanship and character on and off the tennis court, and this is voted by his tennis peers.

    • Absolutely, 100%! Rafa deserves the trifecta of ATP Awards this year and I hope that he gets them all: 1. ATP Fan Favorite, 2. Comeback Player of the Year, 3. Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award.

    • I want Rafa to win this atp fans favorite for the first time ever. He deserves it after such a record breaking year and career. My family and I have unanimously voted for Rafa.🏅🏆☀️

    • Winning this award is a BIG deal and will mean the world to Rafa. It could help launch him to greater heights in 2023. I have voted for Rafa and convinced others to do the same.

  3. Yes, Rafa is the MOST favorite Tennis player in ATP. He is a World Class and always comes back powerfully for the WIN. Excellent and unique winning shots. Vamps Rafa! The BEST is yet to come.

  4. Rafa should definitely win. He is a class act and one of the most humble athletes ever. When he does retire, I will be devastated and will miss watching him play. He is the BEST!!

    • It’s not fair that Roger monopolized this award for so many years. It’s about time for Rafa to pick up this fan favorite award for the first time. I have voted and have asked all my family and friends to vote for Rafa, too. Good luck, Rafa!

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