PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Beats Casper Ruud to Leave ATP Finals With a Win

Rafael Nadal has picked up his first win in the Green Group at the ATP Finals by beating Casper Ruud in straight sets. The world number two came out on top 7-5, 7-5 in Turin this afternoon.

The win means Rafa finishes with a 1-2 record at this year’s season finale. He ends 2022 with a 39-8 tour-level record.

“I have been practising well,” Rafa said afterwards. “Just probably not enough matches to be at the level that I needed to be. Not enough confidence, probably, after six tough months. That’s how it is. I accept that the season didn’t end the way that I wanted, [but] at least I finished with a positive victory.

“It’s important, the last official match of the season, so I am happy for that. At the end I am happy about that… I was able to win against a great player.”


  1. If only, the form had returned 2 matches back…..He would be facing Rublev in the semis…..
    That pointless now, a good end nonetheless.
    But Rafa, if you play more than you should then you get injured and if you play less than you should then you lose form. Hope you find the right balance next year and keep it throughout.
    Get this one next year Rafa with many many more. 8-10 titles, 2-3 majors, the WTF and 1 more kid if your up for it.

    • Rafa did fantastic. 16 aces in a 3 set match must be Rafa’s all time record. Rafa, please pace yourself and peak at the grand slams in 2023. We believe in you and know you will win a lot more titles in the future!

    • At the end of the day, the margins in the ATP Finals were slim, and Rafa needed time to get back to his usual self. In the Green Group, Felix won 1 match, Rafa won 1 match. But Casper and Fritz won two matches. A healthy and in form Rafa would have finished with 3-0 in the Green Group. I think back to past years when Rafa finished 3-0 in his group beating formidable opponents like Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, and David Ferrer that year. At least Rafa won his last atp finals match against Casper, so Rafa will be on the right trajectory heading into the offseason and 2023. Proud to say I am a huge fan of Rafa, and his 2 slam wins (Australian Open and French Open) and 4 titles in 2022 (as well as his huge motivation to continue playing the sport he loves and has so much passion for) indicate Rafa is not done yet!

      • Casper Ruud made the championship match of the atp finals. Casper is a Rafa nadal academy student and will be Rafa’s partner during his Latin American tour. Casper’s only loss is to Rafa so far at the atp finals. Imagine if Casper beats djokovic to win the title.

  2. THAT was the Rafa I know and love. Rafa is absolutely the player of the year. Period. He achieved more this year under hardship and today he gets SIXTEEN ACES!!! He hit his marks in amazing form and I loved watching him build his confidence today. He won TWO MAJORS – who does that under the circumstances he was under?! Truly loved waking up at 5:00am (I ALWAYS watch Rafa live) to watch him show Casper he IS the G.O.A.T. Go see baby Rafael and enjoy your tour with Casper coming up. So happy you won your last match of the year in AMAZING form! Vamos, Rafa!

  3. ENHORABUENA!!!! Que grande eres Rafa, cómo luchas, a pesar de ser un torneo que nunca has ganado, de lesiones que vienes etc, sigues luchando y compitiendo con esta nueva generación, en tan solo días, , hay que tomarte de ejemplo en nuestras vidas, eres mi referente después de Dios, GRANDE RAFA, siempre contigo!!!!!!!!

  4. Rafa, just happy you won your match against Casper Ruud. It would be such joy if you come back strong and fit in every aspect of yourself in 2023. Most important of course is that you feel well and happy and are ready to come back.
    Enjoy the coming weeks with your dear family.

    Love you 😍

  5. You could see Rafa’s confidence really surge after winning that first set. And his first serves! 16 aces. Is there any reason that his strong serving won’t carry over to out door courts?

    Rafa will have two weeks off before his first South America exhibition. Something like six exhibitions in eight days with Casper. I think he will improve his conditioning and his overall game with these exhibitions. I’m betting he starts strong in Australia.

    Way to go Rafa!

    • There we go that was much better! All through out Rafa’s career when Rafa didn’t do well people were ready to write him off to retirement. Taylor Fritz has become Rafa’s nemesis with his huge fast returns Rafa is stymied on how to figure him out. I will never have the passion for tennis without Rafa but I think very highly of Taylor Fritz, Casper Ruud ,Aliassime, Rune & Carlos & also Frances Tiafoe… these young gens are red hot & they are very professional with sportsmanship like Rafa and Roger.… I really don’t care for Tsitsipas Zverve or Denis Shapovalov… I will never get over Denis trying to throw Rafa under the bus for taking too long… I really liked him but lost respect for him after that. I’m so happy that Rafa won today!

  6. What an appropriate way to end a champion’s season!!!! You needed the time on court and then became your self again. NICE. Enjoy some time off the court and get healthy and rested and enjoy your dadhood!!!

  7. Happy for the win, Rafael Nadal. You were determined after the FAA match. This has been a roller coaster year of magical wins and great challenges, both physical and emotional. Thank you for the warrior mentality and positivity🙏We respect your desire for family privacy, and wish you great joy with your precious son. Stay healthy and enjoy your SA exhibition tour with Ruud-
    you seem to have a good rapport with him. All the best-we are always with you-we look forward
    to 2023👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

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