Rafa Roundup: First trip with baby Rafa


With Nadal really looking to make a run at this thing this week, it’s just impossible to lay off him at such short odds. There’s no such thing as an easy matchup at the ATP Finals, but Nadal knows he’s in the easier of the two groups. With that in mind, he’ll be feeling confident heading into this match, where his on-court savvy should really overwhelm Fritz. Rafa should be able to use his ability to construct points to his advantage against Fritz, who normally has a massive edge in the power department over his opponents. The American will need to be flawless with his serve in order to win this match, but we just don’t foresee that being an issue. And we think Nadal will overcome the indoor hard courts, which have given him trouble before.

Corretja named the three toughest for Nadal as “Djokovic, Medvedev and probably even Tsitsipas”, all of whom he has avoided in his group.

Corretja expects his countryman to advance, saying: “He’s got more experience, he’s got head to head, big time in his favour in all of them. So you go on court thinking that you are the boss and that always helps. And if you would have Djokovic or Medvedev in his group, for him it would have been tougher to win these matches in the first few days of the tournament. If he faced these opponents in the semi finals or finals, he will definitely be more ready.”

During that time, the World No. 2 brought up 16 Grand Slam titles, making Toni Nadal one of the most accomplished coaches of the modern era.

“In the end, surpassing others is not always feasible, surpassing yourself is the great challenge, it is what Rafa was forced to do more or less from a very young age, he understood it, and in life the fundamental thing is to improve above others in everything,” Toni said.

“What I applied on the tennis court is the same as what I would have applied outside. I believe in effort, in work, meritocracy, I believe in people earning things with the sweat of their foreheads, in the case of Rafael with the sweat of the whole body, and that is what I applied,” he said.

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  1. Fritz played really well and Rafa was very off his usual competitive self . I am not happy after losses to Coric , Paul , Tiafoe and Fritz . I attribute the poor play to injuries. pack of match play and loss of confidence . It’s going to be tough but Rafa will find his winning game if he can get a convincing win against Felix . Let’s hope.

  2. Rafa just couldn’t cope with the pace coming at him from Fritz on this indoor surface at altitude, which favours hard hitters and big servers. Fritz winning the first set meant that he could swing freely the second. What surprised me was the scoreline in the second (a repeat of the third set in Paris).
    Rafa now has a big uphill task to emerge from from the group stage, but I wish him the very best of luck!

  3. Never mind Rafa. Onwards and upwards as they say. Fritz played out of his mind. You can win the other matches in your group. Vamos

  4. C’mon Rafa. It’s the best of 3 and you played well in the 1st set even though Fritz won it on a tie break. You can do this

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