Rafael Nadal thanks everyone for their well-wishes on the birth of his child

Rafael Nadal has taken to Twitter to thank his supporters for their well wishes after the birth of his newborn.

“Hello everyone. After a few days and many loving messages, I just wanted to thank you all,” Rafa wrote on Twitter. “We are very happy and everyone is very well! A big hug!”

Rafa first shared his family’s pregnancy news during a press conference in June in Palma de Mallorca. Our champ and his wife Maria Francisca Perello welcomed a baby boy on Saturday, Oct. 8, in Mallorca, where they live.


      • Rafa’s paris masters draw looks great! I believe he can finally win the title this year! Vamos, Rafa! 🤗

      • Yeah, I feel like Rafa has an excellent shot to go far and even win it all! I’d like him to regain #1 ranking this year. Only 2 events left to do it. If Carlos loses early in these events, then it’s probably going to happen for Rafa to get back the #1 ranking,

      • I’m with you on this. If Rafa plays to his full potential, he will regain the #1 ranking. Carlos is still too inexperienced.

      • For sure, Rafa has a good chance at the titles in Paris and Turin! Terrific Rafa can and will do it!

    • Yes, we went for a walk round the Bercy stade yesterday and the training court is covered and just next to it . The tennis balls 🎾were being hit inside. Rafa was there Thursday morning probably yesterday also but you don t see the players come out, it is securised. 😐 Next week we should get tickets as they will open the Billetterie 😁 Fiona in Paris

    • Rafa & Mery broke Majorcan tradition and name their baby after Rafa instead of his grandfather which would’ve been Sebastian. So far no photos have been released & no christening as of yet! They are being very private about baby Rafael… which yes is their privilege. I was at least hoping for a birth announcement but nada!

  1. New chapter in your life.

    Win the World Tour finals (and of possible even Paris Masters) and dedicate it your son.

    Icing to the cake for a prefect year.

    • So excited to see Rafa’s wife and son doing well!

      Also super excited to see Rafa back next week at paris indoors and then at atp finals in Turin.

      It will be the most lucrative atp finals ever with biggest cash prize, and fingers crossed that Rafa wins it finally and regains the #1 ranking!

    • Nobody dedicates anything to their son. If they do, they dedicate it to themselves. Especially newborns.

    • Neither Carlos alcaraz nor Casper ruud will end the year #1 if Rafa gets his health and groove back. Carlos lost most of his matches since gaining the #1 ranking after the us open, and he barely eked out a win in his first match at Basel. Casper lost all his matches since the laver cup. It is too bad that Rafa has dealt with so many injuries this year and being unable to play in so many tournaments due to multiple injuries. Otherwise there is no chance anyone can take the #1 ranking from Rafa.

      • Yep, you said it perfectly, Tammy! Rafa is number one in my book regardless of what the rankings say. I know he is proud of Carlos but deep down we all know Rafa is the true #1 and best player in 2022 when he is healthy and playing without limits. I will make sure to vote for Rafa to win the 2022 atp fan favorite award and the best comeback for 2022 in a few weeks when the atp opens those polls!

      • Yeah, me too. Rafa has had a remarkable year winning two slams despite all the injuries. Becoming a dad for the first time is extra special too.

      • I am so psyched to see Rafa play Paris indoors next week. Now that Roger has retired, I would say that Rafa embodies Poetry in motion on the tennis court!

      • Yeah, I am hoping to see Rafa’s picking up the titles at paris indoors and atp finals. He hasn’t won these titles yet, but he has made the finals in both events. Turin location will be new for him, but Italy loves a champion like Rafa! 🇮🇹

      • My fingers and toes are crossed for Rafa to have two great runs in Paris and Turin, and then to finish 2022 as the year-end #1!

      • Go Rafa, Go! We fans love to see you back in Paris next week! You are an icon and Super Star!

    • Look forward to seeing the draw for paris indoors. Rafa and Carlos are on opposite halves. Djokovic could land in either quarter. Thiem is another interesting one and could play anyone in r1. Hopefully Rafa gets a good draw and gets to ease into the competition.

  2. Rafa, me alegro mucho de que todo os vaya bien, Bendiciones, un fuerte abrazo para todos,

    • Ya tengo una carta y un regalo para Bébé Nadal 🎁🎈 Esperamos a Rafael pronto en Paris Masters Bercy 🎾 Fiona en Paris

  3. I see that Rafa is scheduled for six exhibitions in nine days beginning November 23 and before that the ATP Final.

    Does anyone know if Rafa and his team have made a definite decision about Paris, one way or the other? Thanks for any information.

  4. Congrats Rafa – all the way from Canada. Enjoy your son and time away from tennis
    God bless

  5. Congratulations Rafa and Mery. Enjoy the time together with little Rafa. All the very best wishes to you all.


  6. Jeez Louise, people. He’s a newborn! I’m sure he LOOKS like a newborn baby. Go look at any baby photo if you need one. In the meantime, let’s give Rafa a little peace so he can enjoy this wonderful time in his life with his wife and son and extended family and friends.

    • I’m one of those fans who would like to see photo of the baby… I don’t think it’s such an intrusive request after all most of us fans here have been with Rafa for almost 20 years. Don’t think that looking at any baby photo would do! It’s different when you’re famous perhaps they will sell photos to a certain magazine! Whatever I’m still looking so forward to seeing baby Rafael!

    • There’s no harm in curiosity and wanting to see photo of the baby. It’s normal. It’s human nature. We all know it’s up to Rafa and Mery when they will give more information to the world. Our eagerness just shows how much we love Rafa and his dear wife.

  7. Congratulations to Rafa and Maria on the birth of their baby! I’m sure they will be wonderful parents!

  8. Congratulations Rafa and wife Mery. So glad to hear everyone is well and excited at this new journey of being a Dad and Mom. Can you please share a photo and name of your precious baby boy. We are all excited and we do understand you want privacy but 1 little photo please . xxxooo

    • I have a card and présent 🎁🎈for Baby Nadal to give to them soon .It is the tradition in Spain to give the first son the same name as the Father.🙋 It is not marked on the schedule but we are expecting Rafael in Paris Masters Bercy 🎾 soon. Fiona in Paris I think the oficial photo session of Baby will be soon, not yet publlished in Spain.

  9. Congratulations to you, Rafa, Mery, and Baby Nadal. Much joy and happiness to all of your family❤️

  10. Glad everyone is doing well. Very exciting new part of life for you. Rest up because you have some matches to play my friend!!

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