Rafa Roundup: Oops! Nadal almost crashes into camera

A fan watches Rafael Nadal during a men’s singles match at the 2022 US Open. (Photo: Darren Carroll/USTA)


This will be Nadal’s first day-session match. That might require an adjustment, but I’d say it’s also to his advantage. Tiafoe would probably have more to work with, crowed-noise-wise, at night.

As for the match itself, starting out, Rafa likely won’t feel that he has to do anything different to win. That onus will be on Tiafoe, who will need to be as good as his word and keep a full-court press on the whole way. It should be fun to see if, and how, Nadal fends him off. Winner: Nadal

22-0 — Rafael Nadal improves to a perfect 22-0 at the Grand Slams in 2022 with his third-round triumph over Richard Gasquet. The 2022 Australian Open and Roland Garros champion went 5-0 at Wimbledon, but had to pull out before the semifinals due to an abdominal injury.

36 — At 36, Nadal is the oldest player remaining in either singles draw.

“I think if you watch Rafa and Novak moving around the court now, who are similar age, I think they’re moving pretty similar to how they were five, six years ago, whereas for me there’s obviously been a bit of a drop-off there,” said Murray.

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  1. Whew… the suffering is over! Tiafoe played out of his mind- everything went his way today.

    Well done Rafa champ! This one was not to be. Hopefully it was not your last chance at a US Open.

    Go rest your weary body champ.

  2. Remarkable from Tiafoe- he simply refuses to give Rafa anything. Rafa is in a daze right now, our poor champ… can he make another miracle happen today? If anyone can do it, it’s him!

    Come on Rafa…

    • I always get so sad when Rafa loses but kudos to Francis! I hope that Francis goes on to win the title. Now Rafa can go home & be with Maria & await their baby boy! Thought that Rafa was going to take the 4th up 3-1 but Francis was just to strong! 😢

  3. Did Rafa just hit a 2nd serve ace??

    And he follows it with a double fault!

    And another ace!!

    Steady on in this 4th set champ!

  4. Oh no. This is a tough match. Rafa not playing his best but Tiafoe is playing out of his mind. Rafa has been in worse positions than this. It’s best of 5 though. We’re just gonna have to sweat this out. C’mon Rafa – vamos!!!

  5. Third set is gone! Our champ is getting outplayed out there. Is something wrong with him?

    Regroup and come back strong in the 4th set Rafa! Silence this guy!

    Tiafoe took Federer to 5 sets at the 2017 USO. Federer was on the ropes but eventually found a way to win. I think Rafa’s gone to give Roger a call:)

  6. What did I say Rafa? You only got your serve broken again.

    Tiafoe is not going away Rafa… You’re gonna have to outplay him champ!

  7. Tiafoe not giving Rafa anything so far. Our champ needs an extra gear. That extended toilet break bothered me… Hope our champ is fine! Get in there Rafa!

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