WATCH: Rafael Nadal sends heartfelt message to Serena Williams ahead of retirement

Rafael Nadal thanked Serena Williams for all of her contributions to the sport and wished her all the best for the next chapter in life.

Hey Serena. Just from my side, I can tell you, Thank You. Thank you for all the amazing things you did for our sport, such an amazing ambassador.

It’s been a huge honour to share with you almost all my tennis career. Honestly, I have plenty of memories of you winning, playing, emotional moments so, have been a huge privilege.

All the best for your future life. Hopefully, we can keep seeing each other around the tour. All the very best and see you soon.

Rafa Nadal

Source: ATP Tour


  1. That racquet to Rafa’s head will give him a headache in the morning- Hope there’s no brain damage:)

    Finish this of and go rest champ.

  2. Great to hang in there from Rafa. Stay strong and finish this off with minimum drama Rafa- you’ve already exceeded your drama quota for the night!

    You’re almost there champ!

  3. Messy Messy Messy… no not the football player:) Rafa’s game. Keep it together champ!! You got this! The Fog is just messing with your head.

    • Rafa is messing with his own nose! What a bizarre thing to happen… he was going to bagel him ( in the 4th set) I was sure. Thank You Mac for answering me… I think you have been here on this site for many years … A true fan staying up all night to watch Rafa! Thankfully Rafa is ok… I’m glad that his nose didn’t start to bleed a lot he would not have been able to finish!

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