VIDEO: Here’s why Rafael Nadal doesn’t want to talk about his stomach tape

Here’s what Rafael Nadal had to say about having bandages around his lower abdomen during his fourth round match at Wimbledon against Botic van de Zandschulp.

“I am a little bit tired of talking about my body. It’s not that I don’t want to answer your question, but at the same time sometimes I am tired of myself, all the issues that I am having. I prefer to not talk about that now. Sorry for that.

I am in the middle of the tournament and I have to keep going. All respect for the rest of the opponents. I am just trying my best every single day. For the moment I am healthy enough to keep going and fight for the things that I want.


  1. Wimbledon SEMI-FINAL is next! what a great match you have played to show to the world your love of tennis.
    Good luck and more power to you Rafa!

  2. I think Rafa’s non-answer is more revealing than what he didn’t say. He has to realize the question was about the taping of his torso and not the same foot question. Of course he’s going to be asked about it. I just hope the tape is for support reasons and nothing more. The reporters will have to wait for the answer just like Rafa’s fans.

    All the best to Rafa against Fritz.

    • I heard that the grass uses more abdominal muscles & Rafa is taped just for support. Regarding Tylor Fritz… he beat Rafa pretty easily at IW so we shall see! ❤️🙏 for Rafa!

      • Rafa had rib injury during the entire match . He was in pain and could have just pulled out .
        His injury took six weeks to heal and he missed two of his favorite clay tournaments .
        It was his mistake and his team to enter IW , but that was past already .

      • I meant that Tylor won in 2 sets which is pretty easy against Rafa! Rafa was visibly in a lot of pain with his rib injury & I if I’m not mistaken his foot was flaring up as well! That is what I meant pretty easily!

  3. It is up to you as your health is your business and as long that it doesn’t stop you from playing then they don’t have to know. Just keep going I know that you can do it champ

  4. Rafa, you are in no way obliged to answer all these questions. If the reporters don’t like it..tough. You had a wonderful 2 sets v Botic. Sorry that you had to take it to a were probably beginning to feel tired. Stay healthy and keep safe from that which took Matteo and Marin out of Wmbd.
    Your fan for ever. Vamos Rafa. 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘❣❣

  5. Rafa, you do not have to explain anything to anybody unless you want to. Whatever’s happening to you and your body is your own darn business. I’m sure youre taking full responsibility. Just do what you have to do to be the best that,you can be. That’s all we can pray about and ask for. You need not explain anything to anybody because it’s none of our business. Just stay healthy and do the best you can. You’re still a tennis hero with a lot of class to all of us. Just do you. You’ll be fine. Wishing you good health for the rest of the tournament. Your Rafa fans will always be there for you. God bless.

  6. Rafa you’re a great person and a great athlete, you deserve to win because you work hard. All the best to you Rafa. 👑🎾❤️🇪🇸

  7. Watching every point carefully , I attribute the bad points that Rafa had in the 3rd set to being a bit nervous and tightening up . I am sure Rafa knows best that when he is playing well , he is loose and confident and nervousness isn’t a factor . Vamos Rafa for a defeat of Taylor Fritz as we need this one badly .

  8. Best of luck, Rafa. You have great patience with these questions; glad you took a stand as they indeed become tiresome. There are many issues to contend with-hope you remain safe, healthy, and focussed.
    We see your respectful attitude to opponents, officials, and fans🙏👏💪🤛👍🍀🎾❤️

  9. I was aghast when I read Rafa’s name included in a Washington Post article about the annual July 4th hot dog eating contest. Hot dogs and tennis anyone?

    The person who eats the most hot dogs gets the championship belt.

    Article: “Joey Chestnut, on one good leg, wins July 4 hot dog eating contest” by Scott Allen.

    “As ESPN helpfully pointed out, Chestnut has now won one more mustard-yellow championship belt (15) than Rafael Nadal has won French Open titles. Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi has won the next most Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating titles with six straight from 2001 to 2006.”

  10. Rafa played an excellent first and second set, had a little “ sleep” in the third but glad that he progressed in three. He’s more confident now. I’m going to be in Wimbledon on Wednesday so looking forward to seeing Rafa in action. 🍀🍀🍀

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