Wimbledon 2022: Tuesday practice photos

Covid restrictions may be behind us but the virus remains as cases continue to rise throughout the UK. While Rafael Nadal was warming up for his upcoming match against Francisco Cerundolo in front of the delighted fans (who are not wearing masks), there are new cases of COVID-19 in the southwest London.

After Marin Cilic, Matteo Berrettini also has withdrawn from Wimbledon after testing positive for Covid-19. Both Cilic and Berrettini were in Rafa’s half of the draw.

Let’s hope Rafa stays safe and healthy!


  1. So Baratini has covid – so what? If he feels fine he should play. We now know how easy it is to treat and it’s not lethal unless you have major co-morbidities and are treated incorrectly in hospital. So much for that “vaccination” stopping all this madness. We MUST move on. Anyway… stay healthy everyone! 🙂

  2. Dear God, we are all sorry that Matteo and Marin are down with Covid19 and put of Wimbledon. Please protect our Rafa especially and other players. Let there be no harm to them. Thank you Lord. Amen 🙏🙏

  3. Real shame about Berretini and Cilic. It’s true this makes Rafa’s path relatively easier, but not like this. No one wants to benefit at the expense of others in this manner. Stay safe Rafa, and take precautions.

  4. Such a shame about Matteo having Covid: he was playing so well and must have fancied his chances of winning. I hope none of the other players get it.

  5. Go for it rafa go i know u will make it i feel very proud wen u playing tennis vamos rafa

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