Rafa Roundup: “Fighting to the end is in Nadal’s DNA”


According to France 24, a spokesman for the Spaniard said Wednesday: “Rafa is already at home and will spend three or four days doing normal, maintaining, physical activity. Depending on the effect of the treatment, as long as it’s positive, he will later return to training on the court. We don’t rule out a second treatment being carried out in the next week.”

Cotorro was interviewed on Cadena Ser programme ‘Hoy por Hoy’ (Day by Day) and provided a breakdown of the latest information concerning Nadal’s condition.

Although the anesthetic treatment was successful in steering Nadal to another crown in Paris, this particular practice ‘should only be used occasionally.’ The King of Clay will step up his treatment with a bout of pulsed radiofrequency, which partially deactivates the affected nerves and gives a longer-lasting numbing effect.

Doctors will discover in the next three to four days how effective the first round of radiofrequency treatment has been. However, the true diagnostic won’t be available for around two weeks, at which point Nadal and his team will know if the innovation ‘has really been successful.’

“It is incredible that my limping nephew continues to win. Fighting to the end is in his DNA,” expressed Toni. He was at a great level and wanted to continue fighting, he is the best in history. What he has done is incredible, I never would have imagined it.”

“As soon as I see him, I’m going to congratulate him. This year has been more comfortable than expected, because of everything around me, I’m excited,” he said further.

Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal and countryman and veteran NBA player Ricky Rubio presided Wednesday over a graduation ceremony for 33 students of the Rafa Nadal International School, an institution located within the tennis academy founded by the current Grand Slam record holder.

Limping noticeably but without the crutches he used after undergoing “pulsed radiofrequency stimulation” treatment at Barcelona’s Teknon clinic for a chronic left-foot injury, the 36-year-old Nadal congratulated the students on completing a portion of their studies and advised them to be “perseverant and humble” in pursuing their dreams.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafa Nadal School – Gradiation 2022

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  1. Why is media reporting on some French cyclists complaining about Nadal being allowed to take numbing injections in his left foot whereas they are not allowed in their sport?? Makes me mad to even read these but a little worried too..

    • Click-bait. Last I checked Rafa is not competing in cycling and is not subject to their rules.

  2. I believe in Rafa and he always bounces back from injuries and treatment . If he can win the US Open , it would give him 3 slams this year and 23 in total . Wimbledon is a tough road but maybe hopefully Rafa can do this but I think it’s perilous cause of the grass and the foot healing . However , Rafa has made up his mind so Vamos eternal .

    • If Rafa can play Wimbledon fans there are going to be at fever pitch. Rafa has won four majors since he last played Wimbledon. Londoners: don’t you think people will be crazy for Rafa?

      Same for New York. Fans in D.C. we’re thrilled when Rafa played the 250 tournament there last August.

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