Rafael Nadal reacts after beating Novak Djokovic at French Open

Here’s what Rafael Nadal had to say after beating Novak Djokovic in Paris:

Good evening, I am very emotional, thank you thank thank you everyone.

It was incredible for me. It was so important for the crowd to be behind me. It was really special. It was a very tough match, Novak is one of the best players in history, and all the history we have. There is only one way to beat Novak and that is to play at your best.

See you in two days, that’s all I can say.


  1. What a match!! Rafa, we really love you and there should be no doubt in ANYONE’s mind that you are the GOAT!

  2. Rafa.. You are absolutely the best! I was a nervous wreck watching the match today, but you looked great and I never gave up hope. I am so excited that I probably won’t sleep tonight! I can hardly wait for your match on Thursday. I have been a tennis fan for over 30 years, but have never been such been such a huge fan until I saw you as a teenager. You are the most humble player ever and I love how close you are with your family. The best of luck to you on Thursday and always! I.hope one day to meet you.

  3. WOW🎾🎾🎾 Epic match for sure Rafael is truly the KING of Clay, good luck on the upcoming match with Zeverez🎾🎾🎾 I’ll be rooting for you👌Love his spirit and drive to win and always the good sport its really inspiring🤗 Thanks to Novak too he’s not too shabby himself🎾🎾🎾 Rafa your 👏 awesome we’ll be talking about this one for a long time🙋

  4. Rafa, you have been amazing, outstanding, fantastic and mind blowing. Superb. A real Champ. Keep well and focus on the 2 remaining matches and take the 14th Trophy of the French Open. You fully deserve it. Vamos Rafa !

  5. RAFAAAAAAAAA….😄😂. I believed you had a even chance based on what Goran said. For once he gave you the respect you deserved prior to the night match.

  6. What a match and an incredible display of tenacity! Rafa, when the pundits and commentators were all going for Djoko, your fans had hope and faith. When Djoko was talking up his chances, and Goran was shooting off his mouth, you and Carlos Moya remained cautiously optimistic.
    Well done for the victory, champ. You fought to the end as promised, because that’s what you always do.

  7. Tremendous victory . Beating Djokovic is the icing on my cake and Rafa’s domination at Roland Garros . Vamos and let’s win this title . You have slayed the beast 🥁

  8. Love you Rafa and I’m so proud of you. You played like a true champion in the sport of tennis. So,so proud. Congrats and go bring home the top prize and championship.

  9. OMG I wanted Rafa to win so badly -ha! I thought he played well for most of the match and his energy and movement seemed terrific. I didn’t think that Djokovic looked like himself – his serving was off for a good portion of the match and he made a lot of uncharacteristic unforced errors. One of the commentators wondered if his lack of real competition has hurt him this year (yeah Rome and Monte Carlo etc.) but nothing earlier in the year. But Rafa’s heart and desire to win came through at the end. I think he will easily defeat Zverev and I hope he wins another title at Rolands – what a champ, what a competitor – so much heart!! I truly hope we get to watch him compete for a few more years!!!!!

  10. How absolutely RAFA!!!! Never give up. Never give in, Respect your opponent and his abilities and meet them with All you have got!!!——!–!!!!——A TRUE SPORTSMAN IN ALL RESPECTS!!!

  11. I didn’t believe it was really happening until the very first last second. Joker is so hard to close out. How many shots in that last point? What a Champion! Rafa you are the greatest!

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