Rafa Roundup: Djokovic says he didn’t see any problems with Nadal’s foot

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“The crowd have been amazing since the beginning of the tournament,” Nadal said. “I don’t know. I think probably they know that I’m not going to be here (many) more times.”

Nadal was asked if there is an additional emotional burden on him knowing that any one match could be his last.

“I don’t know what can happen. I think, as I said before, I’m going to be playing this tournament because we are doing the things to be ready to play this tournament, but I don’t know what’s going to happen after here,” he said. “I have what I have there in the foot, so if we are not able to find an improvement or a small solution on that, then it’s becoming super difficult for me.”

After falling to Nadal in a dramatic four, hour 12-minute Roland Garros quarterfinal, Novak Djokovic said he “didn’t see any problems” with the Spaniard’s foot.

“No, I’m not surprised at all,” Djokovic told the media in Paris. “It’s not the first time that he, you know, is able to few days after he’s injured and barely walking to come out 100% physically fit.

“You know, he’s done it many times in his career, so I’m not surprised.”

“Having the doctor here you can do things that help,” said Nadal, declining to go into detail on his treatment while continuing to suggest that this could be his final appearance at Roland Garros. “I am putting everything that I have to try to play this tournament with the best conditions possible, no? I don’t know what can happen after, honestly, but here I think I am going to be fine.”

“In the end it has been a very emotional night for me. I’m still playing for nights like today,” Nadal said. “But is just a quarterfinals match, no? So I didn’t win anything.

“So I just give myself a chance to be back on court in two days, play another semifinals here in Roland Garros—means a lot to me.”

The 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Roland Garros champion is now 110-3 in his career at the clay-court major.

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  1. Early in Djokovic’s career, he was always falling ill or injured at crucial match points. How soon people forget.

  2. When asked about Rafa’s chances against Djoko, Carlos Moya said that maybe he has something up his sleeve. Well his match tactics (different from when they met last year) certainly paid off and I think this surprised Djoko.

    It was so good to see Rafa relaxed and moving freely around the court. Even if it’s to be his last year at RG, I’m sure that Rafa will be thrilled knowing that his last match there against his arch rival ended in a victory.
    Good luck for the rest of your campaign, champ.

  3. Meanwhile Swiatek is such a Rafa fan! Here’s her alluding to how Rafa rolled last weekend:):)

    On celebrating her birthday yesterday: “I had time to celebrate, it was nice. I still try to be really careful and spend time being cool. Maybe in a few years I’ll be leaving a tournament to watch the Champions League final and still be able to win.”

  4. No one but the Nadal Team makes any credible comments on his physical well being. Why ask ND?
    Enjoy the moment, Rafa. Your victory was a dream come true. You are a tennis genius. Stay healthy and prepare for hungry Z. All the best-still in replay mode👏🤛💪👍🎾🍀❤️

  5. Rafa fans- Don’ t forget to check out Gill Gross on You Tube for his 10-12 minute match analysis. He is great both for technical details and the big picture.

    • Thanks David. I always listen to Gill Gross and his analysis of the match was really good, explaining how, this time, the change in Rafa’s match tactics made the difference.

  6. The scheduling is ridiculous. If Rafa v Nole and Carlitos v Sascha had both gone to 5 sets yesterday, they wouldn’t have finished until 3am. It’s not fair to the players, and it’s not fair to the fans: the Metro stops running at midnight, and these are weekdays so most people will have to get up for work in the morning. And why do the media have to be mithering Novak about Rafa’s foot? Why should one player know about another player’s injury situation?!

  7. Be quiet Novak, would be better for all of us. Great on the court but as a person he totally lost.

  8. Great win yesterday Rafa! Hope you can rest today and be ready for tomorrow? .You are the best!

  9. Thinking of last year’s semis… without the injuries that tormented him for all his career, right now we wouldn’t be talking about the GOAT or who has more majors, because Rafa would be near the 30 Grand Slams mark, more or less.

  10. Rafa has a chronic foot condition that flares up from time to time during matches. Some days it’s good, sometimes is worse. Clearly the foot wasn’t bothering him much during that match.

  11. I live and die Rafa since the beginning . Just glad he won , beat Djokovic especially and had no problems with the foot . Rafa has played injury free tennis here at Roland Garros if you watch his outstanding movement and see no pain grimaces on his face . So Nole is right on that but Rafa is just saying that the foot problems can come back at any time and probably coincide with a loss on the rare occurances that that happens . Next match Zrevev should be difficult as I sayw he took out Alcarez playing the high percentage on a big serve . Rafa will be 4eady and will slay this dragon and advance . Vamos for title 14 !

  12. Djokovic is not superman with X ray vision. Of course he can’t see Rafas chronic foot issue, but then again Rafas tolerance for pain is superhuman.
    I just pray he recovers (he has two days off) and is ready for a tough semi final against Zverev. Best wishes Rafa. Stay healthy.

    • Too bad Nolo can not just take defeat with out a criptic remark. There is no way one can judge another’s pain. I so hope that Rafa can take the prize for this important year of his career. It would be a perfect touch. VAMOS good man!!!

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