VIDEO: Real Madrid fan Rafael Nadal attends the Champions League final in Paris against Liverpool

Rafael Nadal arrived at the Stade de France and felt the warmth of the fans, who gave him a great welcome. Our champ is going to watch tonight’s Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

He was joined by his wife Maria Francisca Perello, sister Maria Isabel and father Sebastian.


  1. Oh how it makes me sad to know people are still so blind as to the truth about the “pandemic” that wasn’t a pandemic. When the worldwide death toll DROPS – it’s not a pandemic. Amazing how the focus of the comments on this post is on masks. What has the world come to. 🙁 Rafa was SOO handsome in his business casual attire. Surrounded by his beloved family enjoying another sport he loves. THAT’S what matters. 🙂

  2. Rafa had a mask. Maria, his sister and father with him. A little surprised that he went ahead of Maria as she was behind him.

  3. Is this a wise thing to do there is still a virus and no mask hé doesnt know if someone near by him is covid positieve

    • Hmmm. As he was coming to the stadium he was wearing a mask. He tested postive in December so maybe he thinks he is safe for six months. Lovely to see Rafa supporting beloved club!

      • Still if hé wants to watch the match wear a mask you have a match tomorrow

  4. It’s going to be a late night. I rushed about so I could be ready for 8, and now it’s going to be half 8. I hope there’s no extra time and penalties! BT Sport have shown some shots of Rafa 😀. Chatting to various footballing greats

  5. The match is delayed for a few minutes apparently because Liverpool fans can’t get into the stadium. Its already 920 pm in Paris. Remember to get some sleep Rafa!

    Looks like Rafa is sitting next to his sister. Maybe football is a little much for Meri!

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