VIDEO: Zinedine Zidane shows unconditional support for Rafael Nadal

French football icon Zinedine Zidane is back at Roland-Garros, 17 years after handing Rafael Nadal his first of 13 trophies in Paris. The World Cup winner is a Rafa fan but also discusses the up-and-coming generation, spearheaded by Carlos Alcaraz.

While Rafa did not get to converse with Zidane, he was aware of the Frenchman’s presence as the record 21-time grand slam winner outlined his plans to make the short trip to support Carlo Ancelotti’s Madrid.

“I didn’t see him, but I knew it was him, I knew he was there because I was listening to the crowd shouting his name all the time,” Rafa said when asked about Zidane.

“So I imagine he was there, but I didn’t have the chance to see him after my match or talk with him at all. Tomorrow, let’s see how I wake up, because, you never know with my body how the surprises are there. But if nothing happens, and I expect nothing happens, and if I’m able to have the right practice tomorrow, my intention and my goal is to be there [at the Stade de France to support Real Madrid in the Champions League final against Liverpool].”


  1. I watched the match today. Rafa looked great, strong with terrific movement. The third set was abit weird, like Rafa lost concentration for a couple of days and I was dreading it – thinking “oh no I hope it’s not the foot.” But he prevailed and looks good. I’m Canadian so I normally would root for Felix, but I have to cheer for Rafa. I do think Felix will give him a good workout thought. I read awhile back that Toni Nadal said the if Rafa ended up playing against Felix in a match, he wouldn’t sit in either box (which makes sense) – so we shall see come Sunday. Vamos Rafa!!!

  2. I loved the fact that Zidane was on Lenglen watching Rafa, rather than on Chatrier in the posh seats. And I hope tomorrow won’t be yet another case of extra time and penalties, and no-one getting to bed until silly o’clock in the morning 😄.

    • Set in the Past, Rafa seems to attract the who’s who of the sporting world: ZZ, TW, CE ….

      You should have seen the stands at Rod Laver Arena, when Rafa was two sets down, the adoring Rafa-faithful – again sprinkled with Australian stars & celebrities in football and film – were literally holding their hands in prayer mode, willing our hero to make it, the desire and belief written on their faces.

      We were all as one and Rafa DID it.

      We need to replicate this in Paris.

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